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    Any Cryptographers out there?

    When does a code become decipherable? Surely, given a finate number of data points (i.e. cipertext) there is an infinite number of solutions to it? What information needs to be known for it to be breakable?
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    Fibonacci Phi - The Golden Ratio

    Yeah e is much more fascinating, it appears in all sort of places. Most amazingly is places such as expotential growth and when you differentiate logorithmic functions. I suppose those two are similar but it's still amazing. sin72/sin36 = Phi 2sin54 = Phi These are things I found out...
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    Beginning Number Theory

    Hey, I'm interested in Number Theory and have seen a few simple proofs/concepts related to Number Theory but at moment I have no other reference. Could somebody recommend me a Number Theory which will teach it as it's taught when you start university. I've done an A-Level in Maths in...
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    Prove a^3+b^3+c^3>=3abc

    Although this is slightly off-topic I don't how: a^4 + b^4 + c^4 + d^4 === 4abcd Let: a = 1 b = 2 c = 4 d = 7 1^4 + 2^4 + 4^4 + 7^4 = 2674 However: 4*1*2*4*7 = 224 I'm confused :S