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    Another vector proof

    i get that, but i don't get your last algebraic step. how did the -d1+d2 turn into d1-d2
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    Another vector proof

    hey guys, i am stuck on one more problem. Can anyone guide me onto the right path on how to start this? Use this formula for the perpendicular distance between a point and a plane D= |ax+by+cz-d| all over the square root of (a^2+b^2+c^2) to show that the perpendicular...
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    Solving for Vectors a, b, and c - Help Appreciated

    Hello, can anyone guide me with this problem? Find nonzero vectors a ,b , and c such that a x b = a x c but b does not equal c I would appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Find an Equation of Plane Through P (3,3,1) Perpendicular to Planes

    Hello, can anyone help me with this problem? Find an equation of the plane through P (3,3,1) that is perpendicular to the planes x +y = 2z and 2x +z =10 Thanks