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    Losing confidence in my ability

    Hey, I've applied to do Maths for 2006 entry and have received an offer from one university and two interviews (one from a really good university), however, I am feeling underconfident in terms of my ability. I've been trying to learn elementary number theory but am having trouble...
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    Typesetting Problems

    Thanks for the reply, what you posted enabled me to be able to do a lot but it's not my most preferred layout, is this possible? [Broken] The lines just show how I would prefer it to be aligned. In particular I would want the equation...
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    Typesetting Problems

    Hey, I'm trying to learn how to use LaTeX and while I think it's easy how to form equations and symbols, the thing I find most difficult is laying things out how I'd prefer. I wanted it to look like this but couldn't work out how to do it, if anybody has any tips, examples, tutorials or...