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    Medical Brain Imprinting: Transferring Memories & Thoughts

    Just wondering...does anyone here have any infomation to share on brain imprinting? such as transfering memories and thoughts from one person to another?
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    Can You Convert Fat to Muscle?

    just wondering... people usually say one can convert fat to muscle. is this a direct mechanism of just converting or does one burn off the fat first then build the muscle?
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    Biology representation

    Hey, jus an after thought: Which greek god would you associate with biology and Which person(s) would you associate with biology and which work do u tink best represent biology lastly what breakthrought(s) do u tink represent biology??
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    Algae Control: Oxidizers and Flocculants

    any fish aquarium enthuiasts here?
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    Algae Control: Oxidizers and Flocculants

    anyone here know how does oxidizers kill off those algae?i know that oxygen atoms are produced but am not sure the mechanism that cause the death of the algae. also how do flocculants actually work in clumping the algae together?
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    Amino acids on their own vs in a polypeptide chain?

    hello polypeptide chains are amnio acids joined together in one lon chain there r several diff: lenght presence of peptide bonds diff function an egg hardens when boiled because the heat destroys most of the bonds holding the protein structure togther hence causes aggluntination of the...
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    What is the function of ribosome?

    Wat about nucleoli?
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    Serious challenge to Evolution?

    "The only external source of information or design that I could accept is life being introduced to Earth from outer space by way of meteorites" Dun tink that is valid, since the next question will be where did life on that meteorite come from?
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    Thread for Armpit Odor

    did u know that the armpit contains the most bacteria than any part of your external body?:p
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    Chlorophyll solution is excited with UV radiation

    hi ppl, i have some questions here about photosynthesis,really appreciate if you can answer them for me. 1) If a chlorophyll solution is excited with UV radiation, how do we know what colour is the fluorescence? 2)In the water splitting step of photosynthesis, two Hydrogen ions and one oxygen...
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    Is Mother Earth getting fatter ?

    are photons considered to be a matter?
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    I am up WAY too late

    i used to try tinking nothing... unless u r a real focus person it won't do much help yr mind will still wander... instead try to focus yr mind on a single word or picture... soon u will feel tired... well at least it works for me...
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    Enzymes Inside Cells: What is Their Role?

    alter the rate of reaction...
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    Did you ever wake up and found you were unable to move?

    i used to haf some of the sysptoms above...quite often in the past...but now seemed to grow out of it...but in my case i get to hear some music while my body's watcha supposed to do when it happens? relax?
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    Mental pictures

    i can play blindfold chess but yet cannot see a map in my head...playing blindfold chess is just a matter of training...
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    Males predispositioned to find certain females

    the extent of symmetry in the face or body? studies haf shown that the more symmetrical yr face is the more 'attractive' u r
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    Algaecides control algae growth?

    methods of growing algae?
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    Algaecides control algae growth?

    anyone here know how algaecides control algae growth?specificity? any other methods on controlling algae growth would b greatly appreciated
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    thanks for the luck.
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    mine is next week...
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    Sodium potassium pump

    i suppose the next question would be why cells contain mostly negatively charged organic molecules?
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    thanks guys...u r rite...i m studying 4 some tests...i hate mid term tests...
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    Sodium potassium pump

    Why do cells tend to mantain low internal concentrations of Na ions and high internal concentration of k ions despite the surrounding fluid being low in k ions but high in na ions?
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    Shape of a polypeptide chain

    how does the diff in shape of a polypeptide chain( alpha helix or beta pleated sheet) give rise to a diff in properties and functions? thanks for yr ans...
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    Fats and solvents

    then why are some molecules non-polar if at any moment they are polar?
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    Fats and solvents

    wait doesn't dispersion forces make all molecules polar then? even for juz a moment?
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    Fats and solvents

    watz dipersion forces?
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    Fats and solvents

    i recently read in my biology notes that fats, namely triglcerides , are insouble in water but soluble in organic solvents...any ideas why?
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    Giant Bacteria - A Wonder of Nature

    juz a side track...can anyone here tell me more bout the sea monkey? are they juz shrimps or what?
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    MBTS : Molecular Biology Technical Series

    take yr time...i haf an exam on aniwae
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    Mice can 'foretell earthquakes'[?]: BBC

    dun other animals like dogs and snakes get cagey as well when a earthquake is imminent?
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    MBTS : Molecular Biology Technical Series

    Finally...somebody decides to do it... i amm waaiting for soooooooooo long... but can u start from the basics? my grasp of the topic is not too good...
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    Is the agar for cultivating bacteria the same agar

    juz the agar for cultivating bacteria the same agar we buy from supermarkets n eat?
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    Imagination in the brain use memory u have to use the visial cortex..memory is just a storeroom for infomation
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    What Should Happen to Criminals with Transplanted Organs?

    but won't that be unfair to the criminal?
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    What Should Happen to Criminals with Transplanted Organs? the mind rest ina the brain. the brain itself is a complex chemical soup of biochemical reactions rite? so is a brain still considered as a original brain when u inject foreign substances into the brain?by altering the brain u change the mind so will the person still be considered as the...
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    What Should Happen to Criminals with Transplanted Organs?

    just wondering...(by the way i didn't know where to put this so i put it here)... lets say we have a criminal in jail.he has a heart problem so he got a heart transplant.he is still he so he stays in jail. lets say another prisoner has a brain problem.lets say we have the technology and...
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    Herbal Supplements to enhance Brain functions

    actually i tink ginko is from for eating in cold weathers...kinda heat yr body up...but if u eat too much yr nose bleeds ... at leats thatz what my mom tells me
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    Sea Fish: Osmosis & Pressure in the Deep

    so wat generate the great pressure within the fish? deep Sea has a very great pressure and does the shape of the fish help in any way?
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    Sea Fish: Osmosis & Pressure in the Deep

    juz the sea water is salty so water leave the fish by osmosis rite? wat about fish at the very deep..wont the pressure force the water into the fish causing them to die?
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    Shouldnt the wind generated from the fan blow the dust away

    i was just wundering..are dust particles electrically charged?
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    Shouldnt the wind generated from the fan blow the dust away

    wat about charging the blades so that the air around it is ionised? that will kinda repel the dust particles and preciptate it out. the only flaw is that anyone one touching the charged blade will get a shock!
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    Shouldnt the wind generated from the fan blow the dust away

    you mean the air at the blade is still? wow... can u elaborate more on the fluid mechanics 101 and the zero-velocity boundary layer part? thanks
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    Shouldnt the wind generated from the fan blow the dust away

    but won't those that got stuck get blown off? afterall it is very near the blades of the fan where the wind is the strongest.
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    Is it true that you can learn things when your asleep?

    wat about learning stuff when hynopthised?(i dun knoe hoe to spell that word)sort of like a trance...supposed to let your subcounscious mind surface...wont it be better to learn things then?
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    Shouldnt the wind generated from the fan blow the dust away

    i just woke up and i looked at my electric fan...and noticed a lot of dust had accumulated on the fan...anyone haf any idea y? shouldn't the wind generated from the fan blow the dust away?
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    Why do darker colors absorb heat/light?

    ermz why do leaves absord all the other colours except for green?
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    Designing Babies: Psychological vs. Physical?

    actually i think it is a matter of time to the humans(that is us).designing babies the dna take up less than a year...its cause and effects are immediate, whereas designing ppl physically is a long perod of time like 10 to 20 years, its causes and effects are hardly felt so that is maybe people...
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    If identical twins have the same genes

    but even in the womb they would share the same environment.shouldnt they? so why can't organisms mate outside their own genus? does is all attribute to behaviour?