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    Absolute Value Equations: Setting Restrictions

    Hello everyone, For the following absolute value equations, I have no trouble solving them and finding the valid x solutions by plugging all the x solutions into the original equation. However, I am just wondering if could someone please show me how to set restrictions for the following...
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    Radian and Degree with Graphing Calculator

    Thanks for your reply. I actually wanted to ask whether the graphing calculator can convert a number to either radians or degrees. For example, if I typed in 145, would it be possible to press a few buttons to get the equivalent radian measure?
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    Radian and Degree with Graphing Calculator

    Hello everyone, I use a TI-83 Plus and I'd like to know if there is a quick way to convert an angle from radian to degree and vice versa. I am not referring to multiplying by (pi/180) or (180/pi). Thanks!