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  1. Mayhem

    Collection of Lame Jokes

    My thesis
  2. Mayhem

    Chemistry Exercise about an aqueous solution (containing a halogen)

    I did the calculation and seem to be getting nonsense numbers. Concentration in % is honestly the devil.
  3. Mayhem

    Chemistry Exercise about an aqueous solution (containing a halogen)

    The molality can be found exactly using the information given and the freezing point of water. You didn't use this number?
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    Magnesium bisglycinate + citric acid = ?

    Magnesium bisglycinate is presumably a weak base (pKa similar to other carboxylates). So in solution, you would get an equilibrium between glycine (conjugate acid of glycinate) and magnesium citrate. Magnesium exists as Mg2+ and it wouldn't change. Even in the presence of a strong acid such as...
  5. Mayhem

    Wavelength for breaking a bond

    Are the given bond energies dummy values? Because literature says As-As is around 380 kJ/mol.[1][2]
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    Do these substances emit formaldehyde gas when heated?

    I agree with DrJohn. It is possible you have allergies. The compounds appear thermostable so it's unlikely to be formaldehyde unless your heat gun belongs to Area 51.
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    Contour integral of z⁷

    First I parameterize ##z## by ##z(t) = 5i + (3 + i - 5i)t## such that ##z(0) = 5i## and ##z(1) = 3 + i##, which means that ##0 \leq t \leq 0## traces the entire line on the complex plane. By distributing ##t##, we achieve a parameterized expression of the form ##z(t) = x(t) + iy(t)## $$z(t) = 3t...
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Q: How's your thesis writing going? A: Well, I spent five hours on it today and ended up deleting two paragraphs so... progress.
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    Calculating time to reduce alcohol in wine using heating method

    To which degree would you say the introduction of dissolved acids and flavor compounds would change this data?
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Open shell floor plan.
  11. Mayhem

    Collection of Lame Jokes

  12. Mayhem

    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Reasons professors make students do handwritten assignments: 1. Faster and easier to correct. 2. Easier to detect plagiarism. 3. To smell the tears soaked into the paper.
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    Slowly building the skillset to make my own molecular simulation software (pet project, I can't even approximate proprietary functionality). Do you guys have any idea how many components this contains lol
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    Having other Linux users do something on your own Linux system for more than 10 minutes should break your warranty. I swear to god, these dickheads just needed to install a few things and suddenly I have five versions of python installed and my terminal is slow.
  15. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    One of my organic chemistry professors is a gangster. Once before a lab, he told us that certain chemicals might be missing from the stock after a break in. He then went onto comment that they had apparently only stolen some commonplace solvents, and that if he was to do it, he would probably...
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    A Solve a nonlinear matrix equation

    Doesn't this show up in QM quite often? I remember seeing something to the effect of ##e^{\mathbf{X}}## before.
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    Solving kinematic formula for t

    The formula is derived by completing the square for the general case of a 2nd degree polynomial. Regardless, completing the square is a technique that is good to know as you will sometimes have to rewrite expressions "in-place", i.e. by subtracting "zero" and what not rather than moving terms...
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    Universities: We're going to make your life as a student more difficult because we want to save paper to spare the enVirNOnMEnt Also universities: Please buy this 1500 page textbook full of unnecessary bloat for a 5 ECTS course. Oh and you'll only be using two chapters. Related: I'm sure...
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Why did the mathematician scare his family for Christmas? Because Oct 31 = Dec 25
  20. Mayhem

    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Wants world domination. Language is indecipherable. Technologically advanced. Gets killed from a virus. What did Indepedence Day mean by this?
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    Reserve the good names for later. Once we get something like ChatGPT hooked up with Wolfram-Alpha + a super computer, we can think about using the good names. Imagine being able to draw a molecule and simply prompting "will this [do what we predict it will]?" and getting an answer in the time it...
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    Random Thoughts part 6

    That's really the only thing you can say for certain about electrons.
  23. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    I have started my undergraduate project in QM and I have concluded that electrons do not want to be studied.
  24. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    Sub(extra?)terranean Martians in 100 years: the descendants of our invaders must be punished for the sins of their ancestors.
  25. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    The Li-ion battery on my main laptop is pregnant and my backup PC sounds like a Geiger counter riding a motor cycle. Great start to my thesis writing!
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    POTW Linear Systems of ODE

    When working with these types of problems is it implied that x = x(t) and y = y(t).
  27. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    The most reason to pay attention in ODE/PDE classes is to know if your lecturer means t when he writes x and vice versa. The rigor of a mathematician's reasoning is inversely related to the rigor of their handwriting.
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    Uncovering Your Passion for Chemistry: What Drives You?

    As of recently: It has given me a synthesis and analytical skillset that physics wouldn't have given me while still allowing me to study pure physics.
  29. Mayhem

    Potassium Chloride Electrolysis

    KOH is also regulated here and as a soap maker, NaOH will also work, although KOH is said to be better.
  30. Mayhem

    Chemistry Finding equilibrium expression for an equilibrium equation

    There's always an expression. The reason we don't include materials with certain properties is because their activities evaluate to 1, i.e. something multiplied by 1 is itself, so it's not written out. The confusion likely arises from the fact that we usually only include (g) and (aq) samples in...
  31. Mayhem

    Calculate the density of composite materials

    Interestingly, it's probably easier to make some predictions about the density of composites as the number of ways the material is likely to pack is probably reduced. Still not enough information, though.
  32. Mayhem

    I cannot work out constants a and b --

    Two equations with two unknowns. Have you tried solving them?
  33. Mayhem

    Chemistry Finding indicator for acid-base titration

    That would depend on the pH around the equivalence point.
  34. Mayhem

    Finding partial pressure at equilibrium

    Take a look at Dalton's law
  35. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    I wish. Phasor notation namely, using degrees instead of radians in derivations.
  36. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    Do engineers take a course in making bad notation? I should have chosen an elective in the physics department... sigh.
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    B Operator that returns unique number of binary matrix

    I'll take your word on that. That said, the fact that mapping it to digits and converting to decimal gives a unique number is quite cool!
  38. Mayhem

    B Operator that returns unique number of binary matrix

    To be honest, I was just looking for inspiration on cool mathematical ways to program a snake game lol
  39. Mayhem

    B Operator that returns unique number of binary matrix

    Actually, I'm stupid. We can just represent the output in a different base than base 2, which would generate a unique number and can be easily converted to give information about the matrix. My bad, thanks!
  40. Mayhem

    B Operator that returns unique number of binary matrix

    Yes, I thought of that. and it's good for small matrices, but becomes very tricky when you are dealing with large matrices (think, you'll need n² digits to represent one matrix) and that's not to mention leading zeroes. So thank you, there is a way. But is there a more elegant way?
  41. Mayhem

    B Operator that returns unique number of binary matrix

    Function was maybe a better word (the real word, really). So if me get ##M_{B,i}## denote an arbitrary binary matrix of dimensions n x n, then ##f(M_{B,i}) = k## where ##k## is unique for all ##i##.
  42. Mayhem

    B Operator that returns unique number of binary matrix

    If we have an arbitrary square matrix populated randomly with 1s and 0s, is there an operator which will return a unique number for each configuration of 1s and 0s in the matrix? i.e. an operation on $$ \begin{pmatrix} 1 &0 &0 \\ 1 & 0 & 1\\ 0 & 1 & 0 \end{pmatrix} $$ would return something...
  43. Mayhem

    Collection of Lame Jokes

    I have been told I often think outside of the box. Except the box is the one you keep random screws, receipts and buttons in you're too afraid to throw out.
  44. Mayhem

    B Can we all agree "consciousness" is not required to collapse wave function?

    I always construed that "an observer" is simply short hand for "information is being transmitted to and from the system", which translates to "observation is possible". It is this information which causes a collapse, so to speak. Might be wrong.
  45. Mayhem

    Chemistry Naming benzene derivative

    Because ethanol is the highest priority group.
  46. Mayhem

    Gibbs Free Energy

    Notice that one deals with changes rather than point values.
  47. Mayhem

    Collection of Lame Jokes

    I've decided to take my chemistry degree in the quantum/computational route. I am become physicist, destroyer of sanity.
  48. Mayhem

    Random Thoughts part 6

    My workflow for writing reports/articles in anything other than LaTeX is absolute trash.
  49. Mayhem

    Do both the oxide & oxygenless ammonia combine with bleach to make poison?

    In my language, we call it "salt acid" (direct translation) and never refer to it as "hydrochloric acid" except in English writings. Might be partially cultural.
  50. Mayhem

    COVID Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine (or what to be prepared for)

    3x Pfizer. No side effects aside from mild soreness on injection side (what do you expect from having a needle inserted into a muscle?) which subsided around 30 hours later. Went about my day just as if nothing had happened.