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  1. tanmay

    Engineering What is salary of an aeronautical engineer?

    Sir I searched on google but there is lots of information on google. And has various results so I was confused. So I asked here. Thank You
  2. tanmay

    What are skills needed to get good job in aeronautical engineering?

    Sir I have completed my 12th I have joined Btech course in Aeronautical engineering. My Course is starting on next month. So Sir I want to which skills are required to get highest paying job in reputed companies as aeronautical engineer, So I can develop this skills in my course.
  3. tanmay

    Engineering What is salary of an aeronautical engineer?

    Sir It is my dream to become aeronautical engineer. So I want to know what is Minimum & Maximum Salary of aeronautical engineer in India & Out of India? Is Aeronautical engineering has really good scope in future?
  4. tanmay

    Why is air pressure force not considered while weighing?

    we know that air pressure on our Earth is 1 atm. Also 1 atm = 10^5 P Also we know Pressure(P) equation = P = F/A So, F = P*A So if small area(A) in which we are standing is also taken then pressure force is that area(A) times 10^5(Atmospheric pressure in Pascal) i.e 10^5*A So why don't we...
  5. tanmay

    Secret of Gravity

    Thank you Sir for answering
  6. tanmay

    Secret of Gravity

    I have a doubts related to gravity How do this gravity come into existence? What is a cause of gravity? Why two masses are attracted due to gravity?
  7. tanmay

    How to study to become successful aeronautical engineer?

    Sir, I have taken admission in Hindustan University, Chennai. My first year of college is starting on next month. Sir please give me a tips that how to study? i.e. How much time in a day should I study? On which subject should I focus more? Should I participate in extra activities such as sports...