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  1. diogenesNY

    Other What are you reading now? (STEM only)

    I am always in the middle of three or four books, notwithstanding those occasional offerings that I just burn through in a day or three. There are usually three or four more that I am in the middle of but am kind of stalled out on.... I try to go back an finish them, sometimes successfully...
  2. diogenesNY

    Stephen Wolfram explains how ChatGPT works

    I wonder if ChatGPT can/does consult ?
  3. diogenesNY

    News Weird News Compilation

    The video of this was shown last night on the TV show On Patrol Live.... Was scary/wild.
  4. diogenesNY

    Why are Hydrogen cars not popular?

    While fuel cells have definitely been the leading contender for hydrogen powered vehicles (and there are several methods of generating hydrogen nowadays with a variety of costs and requirements, but that is another topic), there have been some meaningful attempts to build hydrogen burning...
  5. diogenesNY

    B Confusion with free fall

    At the risk of pointing out the obvious, this is an extremely easy proposition to experiment. Just drop two reasonably compact items of meaningfully different masses: off a ladder, second floor window, the front porch, whatever. Great accuracy in measurement should not be needed, just make...
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    News Weird News Compilation

    Open the pod bay doors, Bing.
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    Today I learned

    Sun Ra stated quite specifically that he was from Saturn. I have no intention of contradicting him.
  8. diogenesNY

    RIP Jeff Beck (78), virtuoso rock guitarist

    I dig your list. You ever listen to _The Nice_? Arthur Brown? Mike Oldfield?
  9. diogenesNY

    Hydrogen-fueled Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

    IIRC correctly, Ford had a division that was developing experimental hydrogen powered internal combustion engines for passenger cars. This was in the mid 2000's, I think. They produced working engines, but concluded that it was not a commercially viable direction of research and development...
  10. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    I make no claims of cannonocity..... Just a terrible childhood memory of something that was very in the moment at the time. Perhaps of note, this was also about the time that 'Splinter of the Mind's Eye' was nominally cannon, until it wasn't. ---A brief autobiographical digression: The...
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    Today I learned

    N.B. The Star Wars Holiday Special had Bea Arthur and at least one female Wookie.... oh, and Diahann Caroll.
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    Today I learned

    Curly (Jerome) was also a Howard (Horowitz) brother. Curly actually replaced Shemp early (pre-Columbia Pictures deal) in their history. Larry Fine (Feinberg) was someone they met doing vaudeville and became fast friends and collaborators, eventually Joining Ted Healy and his Stooges. They...
  13. diogenesNY

    Really tired of this Lawsuit stuff

    Episode of Barney Miller when Harris apprehends a self described 'time traveler' (claiming he was doing historical research) who was apparently hanging out on top of the Washington Arch while waiting for his ride home. He also 'recognized' Detective Dietrich as someone who would become very...
  14. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    TIL, that (a while back) the Dutch ate their Prime Minister.
  15. diogenesNY

    To write and publish something small, say just a few pages

    You will enjoy it! I await your review. --diogenesNY
  16. diogenesNY

    To write and publish something small, say just a few pages

    I would very very enthusiastically recommend the book: _On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction_ by William Zinsser...
  17. diogenesNY

    How does the 'Helium' Network work?

    Just looking at the linked page, it looks like you get to pay $400 for the privilege of letting someone else make use of your CPU cycles and potentially opening access to your computer/LAN to unknown entities. --diogenesNY
  18. diogenesNY

    Stargazing Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen

    AFAIK, none have been individually identified. And this one is still speculative, but a good candidate. Still more data needed, but exciting as hell. from article: " If follow-up studies find that Earendel is only made up of primordial hydrogen and helium, it would be the first evidence for...
  19. diogenesNY

    Stargazing Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen

    Yes! That should confirm/expand current observations. Major coolness moment: Pop III, baby! from article: " Astronomers expect that Earendel will remain highly magnified for years to come. It will be observed by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Webb’s high sensitivity to infrared light is...
  20. diogenesNY

    Stargazing Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen

    From Mar 30, 2022 Record Broken: Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has established an extraordinary new benchmark: detecting the light of a star that existed within the first billion years after the universe’s birth in the big bang – the farthest...
  21. diogenesNY

    B Big Bang Question -- How was the first matter formed?

    _The First Three Minutes_ by Steven Weinberg_ Published by, amongst others, Basic Books (1st edition) and Bantam Books(MM Paperback). first three minutes by steven weinberg&sts=t&cm_sp=SearchF-_-TopNavISS-_-Results For a 'right now' read...
  22. diogenesNY

    Really worried about Ukraine

    According to BBC radio this AM, Chernobyl nuclear facility has lost power. 48 hours of fuel are estimated for the backup generators. Critical needs for outside power include the cooling pools for waste that includes spent fuel and recovered waste from the previous disaster. Attempts are being...
  23. diogenesNY

    Ukraine nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhia on fire

    Via CNN: The plant is occupied by Russian soldiers and plant workers have not had a shift change since sometime Thursday.
  24. diogenesNY

    Ukraine nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhia on fire

    In my recent internet surfings (not from a specifically reliable source, FWIW), I have read that it is an administration building that is on fire. Wish I had better more reliable info, but you got what you got. YMMV --diogenesNY
  25. diogenesNY

    Engineering History of Metallurgy

    Timing is everything! Just giving this very subject a hit! I am about halfway through _Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist_ by Harry Chandler. Second edition. (c)1998 ASM International, Fourth printing (2006). Lots of history (from about 1900) and lots of science. Very fact laden and...
  26. diogenesNY

    Other What are you reading now? (STEM only)

    One thing that I am reading right now is _Stronger Than a Hundred Men: A History of the Vertical Water Wheel_ by Terry S. Reynolds, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1983 Very interesting. Only a little way in, and so far reading a very deeply researched and cited exploration of the origination...
  27. diogenesNY

    B Would a fall from 53 centimeters break the glass from a window?

    As per phinds, I can see it breaking or not breaking depending on any number of unspecified (and possibly hidden) variables. In my one personal experience with this scenario that I can clearly recollect, I observed such a fall. Rotten sash cords broke (I do not recall the _exact_ circumstances...
  28. diogenesNY

    My favored scientist quotes

    BillTre, Damn! you beat me to it! +1 for Thomas Kuhn. _Structures_ was considered very radical at the time (and still is). Kuhn actually considerably softened his views later in his life and career. I am still pretty fond of the radical Kuhn. _Structures of Scientific Revolutions_...
  29. diogenesNY

    I Multiverse Quantity

    Paging Benoit Mandelbrot...
  30. diogenesNY

    Ron Popeil has Died

    I remember all of those products. As a kid in the 1970s I was really captivated by those RonCo TV ads... some of them were as long as 60 seconds occasionally a bit more... Ron Popiel really pioneered the long-form (60-120 second) TV spot, which was largely believed to be too long to hold the...
  31. diogenesNY

    Bold, Monster, Engineering Successes

    "Teach it... phenomenology..." --the frozen Captain --diogenesNY
  32. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    I am familiar with the more descriptive names of hash, pounds, etc for '#'. Crunch, along with splat and bang can be found in the MIT 'Jargon File' as spoken vocalizations of those symbols when reading certain sorts of programming source code. I _think_ that the term 'crunch' is some sort of...
  33. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    In the same vein as '*' is sometimes spoken as 'splat', '#' is sometimes spoken as 'crunch' and '!' is 'bang'. --diogenesNY
  34. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    In the US, a similar usage applies in the sport of boxing, from at least the early 20th century to the present: 'Holy cow! After that right uppercut by Jones, Smith has been left on Queer Street.' --diogenesNY
  35. diogenesNY

    B Can you use hand tools on the moon?

    Golf was played on the moon. (Okay, not a proper round, but a few balls were hit with a somewhat improvised iron). I am not sure that the distance the balls traveled was accurately measured, however I am confident that the distance would have made Arnold Palmer grumble with envy! :) Seems...
  36. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    The term dropping the dime, in criminal parlance, has long meant to (usually anonymously) rat out a fellow criminal (whether an accomplice or an enemy). The phrase (most likely) refers to an anonymous tip placed by dropping a dime (as was the cost throughout much of the latter 20th century)...
  37. diogenesNY

    Other Exploring "Baby" Books in Different Fields

    Linus Pauling wrote a chemistry text for undergraduates who are not majoring in chemistry entitled _College Chemistry_ (and I _really_ wish I had this book when I was in high school). He also wrote a (sort of) companion book...
  38. diogenesNY

    I Are some cosmic rays iron nuclei?

    Just for scale, Homo Erectus, arguably the first pretty close human ancestor seems to have shown up (maybe) about two million years ago. Seem to me that there is a lot of evolutionary road to travel until we get close to the point that CO2 levels drop below the level needed to sustain...
  39. diogenesNY

    Prob/Stats Two-Person Game Theory by Rapoport

    This looks kind of interesting. For anyone so inclined, the RAND Corporation has made a downloadable copy of _Compleat Stratagyst_ freely available: --diogenesNY
  40. diogenesNY

    Most Likes Page: @mfb Approaching 5000 Likes on Physics Forums

    Just for fun: type 'interesting numbers' into your favorite search engine. Plenty of options for losing a whole bunch of time :) --diogenesNY
  41. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    Keith_McClary, Interesting question. I _suspect_ that it just burns off, like on a Prius or a Volt (unless that _isn't_ how it works for them..._). FWIW, the motorbiscuit site has a whole bunch of long videos and photos.
  42. diogenesNY

    Today I learned

    TIL... ...about a dump truck. It may not be capable of perpetual motion, but as dump trucks go, it looks to be about as close as you are likely to get. This also happens to be the world's largest...
  43. diogenesNY

    News Some of My Friends Having Fun (Boston Dynamics Doing the Twist)

    Only a matter of time before the robot achieves self awareness and violently turns on his human masters.
  44. diogenesNY

    My 40ish year old Rubik's Cube

    I had one of those as a kid, circa 1980, but never really had the patience to get skilled at its manipulation. However, I did get good at being able to rapidly disassemble and reassemble it in a 'solved' configuration (i.e. the 'Alexander the Great' approach) and mystified a number of people...
  45. diogenesNY

    B Did the Big Bang follow multiple bangs? How did matter come to collide?

    Have a look at this: same thing - another link - from Lineweaver's personal site It is an article by Charles Lineweaver and Tamara Davis entitled...
  46. diogenesNY

    News RIP James Randi at 92

    A very cool guy that i greatly admired. He will be definitely missed. --diogenesNY
  47. diogenesNY

    Anyone Getting "Realistic" Fake Emails?

    My regular personal account gets the usual spam &c, but recently at work (which has a necessarily very secure enterprise level email and contact administration system) we have been experiencing an epidemic of some fairly well constructed fakes. These have included a somewhat realistic notice...
  48. diogenesNY

    News Weird News Compilation

    Yep... whippits be like that. diogenesNY p.s. ...not that I would know...
  49. diogenesNY

    Axe Throwing Venue Opens Near University: Is It Popular?

    Indoor axe throwing joint opened in town last spring or so. I think it closed during the Covid-19 lockdown and hasn't reopened. I am pretty sure it is a franchise. diogenesNY
  50. diogenesNY

    Literature database?

    There are actually many such databases, but not all that easily accessible from the open internet. I would speak to an academic research librarian for further assistance, assuming you have access to a decent university library. You can find a whole lot of papers accessible from