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    Falling Bodies Questions

    The Setup is the cart-pulley-hanging mass or Atwood machine: if the cart is allowed to fall over the edge, and falls freely with the mass, will the rope tension remain the same as it was before the cart went over the edge? Is this situation the same as if the cart-rope-mass were held aloft by...
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    Is "energetics" the same as "thermodynamics"?

    I think it's because "bio-energetics" doesn't involve heat a lot, which "thermodynamics" seems to imply is the most important form of energy?
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    Is "energetics" the same as "thermodynamics"?

    The word "bio-energetics" is used by Nick Lane in his book, "The Vital Question: Why Is Life The Way It Is?", that Bill Gates is reading or has read.
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    Is "energetics" the same as "thermodynamics"?

    If so, why do people use the word "energetics"?
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    Would the sky be red if the atmosphere was thicker?

    Maybe I should change the question a little - what if the normal depth of the atmosphere was the distance light travels through the atmosphere at sunset, when the sun is red? Would the whole sky be red, or just a deeper blue? Also, another question: when you look out over a flat landscape on...
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    Would the sky be red if the atmosphere was thicker?

    It seems to me that the sky would simply be a more intense and brighter blue, since even more blue light would be being scattered. Can someone tell me if this thought is incorrect? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Understanding Newton's Third Law

    Homework Statement I'm having trouble thinking about Newton's third law pairs and have been trying to find some help searching the Physics Forums archives. Homework Equations I have found alternative explanations for 3rd law pairs involving thrust in an escaped balloon or in a rocket -...
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    Cannon recoil WITHOUT projectile?

    Hi, I am trying to figure out why I think that if a cannon fires a heavy projectile, the cannon's recoil is greater than for a cannon that doesn't fire any projectile at all. Is this correct? Will the cannon firing a heavy projectile have a greater recoil than the empty, firing cannon...