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  1. kaliprasad

    MHB Find all possible solutions of c and d

    we have $70^2 + 61^2 + c^2 = d^2$ or $4900 +3721 + c^2 -= d^2$ or $d^2-c^2 = 8621$ or ($d+c)(d-c) = 8621$ to solve the same you can put 8621 as product of 2 numbers (one case 8621 * 1$ equiate one to d +c and another to d- c and solve for c and d. by choosing all pair of numbers fot erach pair...
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    MHB Group Elements of Z24: Find the Order

    kindly infrom what you have tried and where you are facing problems
  3. kaliprasad

    MHB Solve Polynomial Division: -5a + 4b = x^2+1 Rem -A-2

    yes. 4b – a + 1 = 0 as there is no x term. you need to divide by x+1 and get the constant term (putting x = -1 shall do also) this shall give 2 equations and you need to solve and proceed further;
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    MHB Finding 3-Digit Numbers with Sum of Digits Squared = 2

    In the above I find 100 solutions specified under the categories. $S(n)$
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    MHB Gre.qu.1 are also in Q

    You are right. the question is easy. The product of numbers that are in P that are in Q cannot be more than the product of numbers that are in Q. this is so because the numbers in P that are in Q has to be be subset of numbers in Q. Now does Q contain at least one element that is not in P...
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    MHB -gre.qu.10 quantity on 2 means

    we have sum of 100 measurements = 2300 sum of 50 additional measurements = 27 * 50 = 1350 total sum = 2300 + 1350 = 2650 so arithmetic mean = $\frac{3650}{150} = \frac{73}{3}$ so B is bigger for a short cut 25 is mean of 23 and 27 more elements(100) have mean 23 and less (50) elements have...
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    MHB Similar triangles

  8. kaliprasad

    MHB Integer solutions of system of equations

    There was a typo error in first line and I corrected the same. Otherwise I do not find error if any. This may be pointed
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    MHB Integer solutions of system of equations

    May be. I would like to know the correct answer
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    MHB Area of rectangle

    Width being less than square root of 600 I see that it is less than 25 so I have only one candidate d to check and width 10 so length 60 meets the criteria and hence the answer
  11. kaliprasad

    MHB Find Optimal t for Profit: C vs. R

    For the profit we must have $R > C$ or $4t^2+t > 3t^2 + 9t$ Now you can proceed from here and find the result
  12. kaliprasad

    MHB Find the area of triangle

    Area of $\triangle STV$ = area of $\triangle UVT$ because they are on equal base and same base now area of $\triangle UVT$ is 3 times area of $\triangle UVX$ as height is same and base is 3 times so area of $\triangle STV$ = 3 * area of $\triangle UVX$ = $42cm^2$
  13. kaliprasad

    MHB Solving 2^x + 2/2^x = 3

    In future kindly inform what you have tried and where you are stuck so that we can provide steps to proceed For this put $2^x = y$ and see what you get
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    MHB Guide to Dealing with Double Subscripts

    you can write as E_{x_{y}} to get $E_{x_{y}}$
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    MHB Passengers on the bus

    My Attempt After if left the 1st stop $\dfrac{5}{8}$ remained so $\dfrac{3}{8}$ was the number of more persons alighted than boarded The number is 180 so $\dfrac{3}{8}$ of number of persons when it left the $1^{st}$ stop is 180 so number of persons when it left $1^{st}$ stop...
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    MHB Prove No Integers Solve $ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=1$ for x=19,2 for x=62

    because this is a challenge question you are required to answer it fully . this is not a question for help