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  1. crownedhues

    Position in Velocity-Time Graphs

    Would it be correct if I multiplied the time by the velocity of the object since the units would cancel into meters? So for example, I multiply 2 seconds by 1m/s which gives me 2m - would that be the object's position?
  2. crownedhues

    Proportional Reasoning

    no worries, that’s understandable! i think i’m catching your drift. thank you for your quick response and your help :smile:
  3. crownedhues

    Proportional Reasoning

    it should still be 1
  4. crownedhues

    Proportional Reasoning

    I already tried plugging in values I saw from example problems and tried to find the correlation between the two solutions I would get, but thus far haven’t been able to find any. Maybe I’m overcomplicating this or looking at this the wrong way?