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  1. vanessa99

    B How to solve physics problems

    He says I am not too smart to solve it. Because even though I know the formulas I can't think around them in order to solve something different than the classic problems
  2. vanessa99

    B How to solve physics problems

    Yeah sorry about that, just it's the language difference and don't know exactly how you do things there to be honest. So I can't really give an example but I will try. We have an exercise with oscillations. I know the formulas I have read the exercise and have used the formulas in the first 3...
  3. vanessa99

    B How to solve physics problems

    Thank you! Yes um like sometimes in some exercises you have to understand things about what is going on in order to order to solve them. So he kinda told me that I can't put the things down and think them in order to solve the hard problems
  4. vanessa99

    B How to solve physics problems

    Hello everyone! My finals in physics are in the corner (actually in 6 days) and I have studied a lot. Tho, my teacher yesterday told me that in the exams, unfortunately, I won't be able to make the hard thought or solve the hard problem. And that almost 1 week before just took me apart. And ok I...
  5. vanessa99

    Study program and concentration

    Hello everyone! So I made a study program and it's 10 hours studying per day. I will have it everyday till May. After 30 min of studying I take a 5 min break and after 2 hours, 15 min break. Is that sound bad? Plus, till now due to different factors I have studied around 4 hours per day. How...
  6. vanessa99

    Study or intelligence?

    Do you believe that being good at physics depends on study or the intelligence? I mean I'm kinda stupid, as my teacher says but do you believe that even if I'm stupid, if I study I can have a very good grade? PS I'm 16 years old
  7. vanessa99

    Physics and maths

    Hello everyone! First of all I'm sorry for my English, I'm still learning the language. Second, I'm sorry if that's the wrong category to put that topic but I didn't know where I should write it... now, I'm a 16 years old girl, going in the secong grade of high school (the next year I'll sit my...