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    Automatic Window Opener - how does it work?

    You might look at these control valves, that use oil thermal expansion to actuate control valves. In this case, you are using a solar energy collector (of sorts) as the driver.
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    Problem with Sulfur Smell

    At a sulfur plant, we would usually use an oxidizer, (bleach, hydrogen peroxide) to get rid of the sulfides (predominately dissolved H2S), which are the source of the odor in elemental sulfur as stated above. I'm not sure 3% H2O2 or store bought bleach (~5%?) will be strong enough to do what...
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    Trailer Frame Beam Design

    While I commend your enthusiasm, I am a metal fabricator that does build in aluminum, and engineer that, after doing our regular HVAC design, and custom ductwork fabrication, among other things, does operate and repair DOT inspected trailers, so....I think I may have some liability perspective...
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    Trailer Frame Beam Design

    It would not be a bad thing to consider regulatory safety in this case. If this is in the United States, the federal Department of Transportation has some things to say about trailer design, materials of construction, braking requirements, hitch designs, tow vehicle capability, and signal...
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    NS Derailment, East Palestine, Ohio - 3 Feb, 2023 - Engineering Aspect

    Based on my experience working at a HHC manufacturer, I believe these are quite common. I've personally had to deal with three derailments at a pretty small manufacturer over a fairly small number of years. I think I have secrecy agreements that protect any type of communication on the issue...
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    How to Determine Over-Amperage on Pulley Size Change?

    You can look at it the other way, and assume the fan design condition is a correct case. In that case, a measured 950CFM would correspond to about 3.7 inches water. In both cases, there is a problem with the static pressure and/or the flow measurement. I am going to assume that the field...
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    Fluid dynamics of a cocktail shaker

    I'd wonder about final temperature and amount of dilution by the ice. Both will affect viscosity, and probably surface tension. If shaken for the same time, the higher surface area may cool the blend much more quickly than a single large piece. For a real test, it would seem you might want...
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    Undergraduate ABET and MS non-ABET

    Initially, I was a product/process engineer. Hired to revise process procedures and develop new products. I also assisted in ISO type certifications. Being that I had a decent chemistry background, I was able to fit in pretty well for a specialty chemical supplier. I had no difficulty...
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    Undergraduate ABET and MS non-ABET

    I have a non-ABET Masters in Chemical Engineering. I had an undergrad in Chemistry from a private (non ABET school), so I had some math to take, and essentially everything that a non-chemE would have to do. At my school, the undergrad program was ABET and I had to make up those classes. It...
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    Really tired of this Lawsuit stuff

    I find these to be disappointing and depressing.
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    Inflation - Rants & Raves

    If you switch to shaving in the shower, when your beard is soft, you will find your blade usage goes down.
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    My hobbies in the childhood

    I was in the 5th-6th grade in the US., aged 10-12, between 1979 and 1981. The kit was from RadioShack, which has, sadly all but disappeared in the US. I made my dad/mom take me to RadioShack more than a few times for me to buy parts to fix my kit, after I made bad wiring decisions.
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    My hobbies in the childhood

    I had a couple of these project kits. I remember learning more about troubleshooting damaged transistors, relays, and other parts (usually damage caused by my execution), and how to replace them.
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    What is necessary for a hypothetical supersonic speed Radio Controlled Jet?

    If you really want to build something to break the sound barrier, I'd suggest joining a high power model rocketry club. In the US, Tripoli and NAR are the sanctioning bodies. Of course, you can fly a lot higher in the black rock desert in Nevada, compared to Maryland, but Mach 2+ is achievable...
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    What are the differences between a ChemE and a ChemE Technology?

    While I don't profess to be an expert on Belgian Universities, my experience in the US is that an Engineering degree tends to be an accredited degree on the track to get a professional engineers' license if awarded by an accredited university. My understanding is that Bachelors' Chemical Tech...
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    Used/old transmission fluid should be useful for something else?

    I've just drained it into a tank until the solids settled out and used it as bar oil for chainsaws, usually mixed with used crankcase oil. I'm not a big saw guy, so I never had enough saw work to deal with this, except after a hurricane. An oil burner would be my suggestion as well. The...
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    Make our own permanent conductive ink

    I completely agree, and am not the OP. The solution will be difficult, and/or expensive.
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    Make our own permanent conductive ink

    Thanks. My general experience/history is that you can't rely on an application product to dry in a way that is *exactly* the way you desire. Cracks can appear as the product shrinks during volatile evaporation, but that, by itself, isn't a problem, if sufficient R&D has been applied, additives...
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    Make our own permanent conductive ink

    Loose graphite might be a problem. Just wanted to suggest a writing implement that might leave a conductive path. I have no knowledge of conductive inks that remain so after the ink dries. Doesn't mean they don't exist, however.
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    Make our own permanent conductive ink

    I'm reminded of the old myth about the United States spending a few million to develop a pen that would write in any position, and in zero G. The Russians spared all the R&D and just used a pencil, according to the myth. Maybe softer pencil lead development would help...
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    Inflation - Rants & Raves

    That also seems to suggest a price increase greater than the 2 or 3 percent as shown in the chart I linked (this looks more like 20-30%+). But I don't know how this is being calculated, and it is international, where the previous chart was US CPI. My personal wallet says food is up on the...
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    Inflation - Rants & Raves

    From the CPI: My experience with food suggests a great deal more than 2-3%, but that could be mostly COVID production issues, especially meat products.
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    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    I am of the same mind. 100 scientists with one (scientifically determined) opinion vs 1 individual with anecdotally driven hyperbole with pictures is not pretty. Media and politicians haven't helped this situation.
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    Side entry mixer sizing

    I'd look at Penberthy for recommendations on this. They should have methods for calculating what you are doing.
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    Mechanical device trigger with variable time delay (100-500ms)

    Drag racers have a time adjustable spring button for trans brakes. Shim quantity dictates the time delay. Not sure if it will fit your requirements, though. A similar mechanism could be built with different weights, shims, and springs and accomplish something similar. Slow reacting button...
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    Would you cryogenically freeze yourself?

    I'd really like to see the resiliency of the backup power at one of these places.
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    Video: SF ships/structures size comparison

    Obviously, you're right, I scanned the articles contents and didn't see that. Of course it was in the first line in the body text. Thanks.
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    Video: SF ships/structures size comparison

    Isn't that the same one that became Starblazers?
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    Beloved stories from when you were much younger

    I remember writing a book report on a Louis Slobodkin book (Spaceship under the apple tree, I think). I really liked the story. There were a couple others, (Spaceship returns to the apple tree, The three seated spaceship...) with the same characters that I liked at the time as well. Of...
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    How Do You Determine The Number Of Moles In A Volume Of Gas?

    Different units of the gas constant (R, in PV=nRT): 8.314 m3Pa/mol K 0.08314 liter bar/mol K 0.08206 liter atm/mol K 62.36 liter mmHg/mol K 0.7302 ft3 atm/lbmol Rankine 10.73 ft3 psia/lbmol Rankine K=Kelvin
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    How Do You Determine The Number Of Moles In A Volume Of Gas?

    What have you calculated so far? You need to get clarification on the pressure, 16 psi (absolute or gauge). Calculate the volume of your sphere and convert the temperature to absolute and you should be good. Keep your units straight. n=(PV)/(RT)
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    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    Bad link for me.
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    Turbocharging carbureted petrol 2 stroke engines

    I wouldn't expect it to, unfortunately. If I'd spent lots of time and money learning how to make something complicated work, I'd be unwilling to give out all my information for free. I still say you will have to do a great deal of testing to get something working well, unless you can contact...
  34. ChemAir

    Turbocharging carbureted petrol 2 stroke engines

    As someone with turbocharging experience with V-8 4 strokes, I'd wonder first how you will get oil to the bearings in the turbo. 4 strokes have captive oil systems at fairly high pressure and good flow is required to keep the bearings cool. The crankcase will also have to be able to handle...
  35. ChemAir

    Tethered aircraft lifting power, low gee world

    Not sure I wouldn't just make the results match what you want and use a little creative license to explain the unique reason why the critters in question can break this rule. I might let them "flap their unique internal spacetime vessel/organ" while in the air to change the distance...
  36. ChemAir

    Cost Estimation capacity exponent formula

    For cost, the units are currency. $/currency capacity (edit) is a different unit. Can you explain what you mean by this, or clarify your question? This sounds like you may be trying to optimize capacity, rather than calculate cost for just a larger widget. The units on the upscale...
  37. ChemAir

    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    Realize that I am of the mind that the economic closures and coming business failures will be far more detrimental in long term life and health effects than Covid19. Making lots of people poor/broke will cause problems we will have to resolve in the future. Getting statistics on drug OD's...
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    Deterministic method for cost estimation

    I'm not the OP. I was just wanting to read the context of where he read the "deterministic estimate", because without that, my comment was likely unhelpful. Corporate jargon can differ.
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    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    I try not to view it this way, but sometimes, my sinuses believe otherwise.
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    Deterministic method for cost estimation

    I have not done anything I'd define as a "deterministic estimate". That term doesn't seem to apply quantitative measures, i.e.--Estimate is accurate +15%/-5%. I normally quantify the accuracy of my estimates, and my experience is that the words "budget estimate" mean very different things at...
  41. ChemAir

    Elevators and airflow

    Two comments, and COVID-19 has nothing to do with my responses. 1) Whatever you design for air improvement has to deal with the motive nature of elevators. So ducting, air movement, etc., have to be tailored to supplying this to a moving vessel without permanent air connections, AND must be...
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    Zombie apocalypse scenario

    Probably would depend on whether the politicians could get the zombies to vote.
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    Electrostatically charged materials and IPA

    I was assuming it was simply an air filter holding a static charge, not an "electrostatic filter". OP, can you clarify this?
  44. ChemAir

    Electrostatically charged materials and IPA

    Normally, wetting a statically charged non-conductor with a conductor (water/electrolyte) will give multiple paths for the static charge to dissipate. Static electricity dissipation...
  45. ChemAir

    Spiral Wound Gaskets

    Flexitallic has some decent reference information. This is really application specific.
  46. ChemAir

    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    We also don't have a good track record for ending costly (whether in dollars or convenience) policies initiated in situations like this. Once the infrastructure has been allowed to be installed, the temptation to use the system would be strong.
  47. ChemAir

    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    And, since the US public has largely decided to make this a black and white issue along party lines, we are here. Some politicians, online media, and news outlets aren't helping (anyone but themselves), as usual. Outside this forum, it is very difficult to point out good statistics or bad...
  48. ChemAir

    New Geological Map of Mars

    Over the last several years (maybe over a decade or so) I have looked at Mars, the sky, and the moon on Google earth. I have been looking at the Mars version, and wonder if, or, how much of, the additional geographical information will make it there. As most have, I've looked at the tracks...
  49. ChemAir

    COVID COVID-19 Coronavirus Containment Efforts

    While I'd agree this is likely true for those with the most modern devices that are fully connected, I don't believe enough people (of all ages) in the country have smartphones that are current enough to be effective at managing this. 3 thoughts (without solutions)--I'll probably have others...