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  1. Sean Jackson 01

    Relationship between power usage and time

    Hello all, I look forward to learning :) EXPLANATION There is a system with, let's say, 10 watt hours of energy available for use. There is an inverse correlation between how much power we choose to use (energy use per second) and how quickly that systems energy will be completely drained...
  2. Sean Jackson 01

    I Intensity - Terminology

    Thanks so much for the reply C From a Fitness point of view...when we talk about strength, we're talking about what's often referred to as the slow lifts. And we tend to be using slow twitch muscle fibres as the work system and ATP as the energy applied to that system. In the "Fast Lifts"...
  3. Sean Jackson 01

    I Intensity - Terminology

    Hello all, Great site...such a cool resource. I am a fitness in any profession basing what we do on solid science is vital...and exercise practice goes "some way" to doing this...but it has its flaws. Hopefully a coach will talk about work, power and torque etc correctly, and have...