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  1. Vivan Vatsa

    Memes A boon or a Curse?

    I m sorry’s just my intention to offend someone...sorry for that type of phonetic language too...
  2. Vivan Vatsa

    Memes A boon or a Curse?

    << Mentor Note -- Text speak fixed in this post >> well I am very enthusiastic science student. I get good grades in school. I am about to enter college this June...but one thing that stays forever in today’s generation...are the lust for social networking & the unconditional love for MEMES. No...
  3. Vivan Vatsa

    Why is F=ma? (Physics homework)

    Listen saifTaher , A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object's interaction with another object. Whenever there is an interactionbetween two objects, there is a force upon each of the objects. When the interaction ceases, the two objects no longer experience the force...
  4. Vivan Vatsa

    How do you memorize efficiently?

    My visual understanding is far more better than anyone in this world. I make a visual map in my mind( as I have ADHD). so it works..really!
  5. Vivan Vatsa

    I want to Fetch Ideas for my School Project

    i think of doing something on mechanical properties of solids...u some thing on stress, strain...etc... what do u say ??
  6. Vivan Vatsa

    I want to Fetch Ideas for my School Project

    Hello Forumers, Its been very long time since I haven't not been on PF. Today that streak ends! I want ideas for my physics school project. please give me some great ideas & where to find it! please keep the following in mind while giving ideas:- 1. I am 12th Grade student 2. I want a...
  7. Vivan Vatsa

    Having difficulty in understanding vertical circular motion?

    I am basically having trouble in understanding most of the conceptual questions.!
  8. Vivan Vatsa

    Having difficulty in understanding vertical circular motion?

    I am having trouble understanding the concepts of vertical circular motion , though I solve all the numericals , but I think I am lacking the basic concepts of VCM. Explain how I can master this topic?
  9. Vivan Vatsa

    Difference between many chemically related terms?

    In chemistry, chemical bonding is a very important topic. What I can't really understand is the interrelation of different theories which explains the same kind of thing, like for structure of any compound there are theories like Valence bond theory or VSEPR or molecular orbital theory. I am...
  10. Vivan Vatsa

    Photoelectric Effect

    I have studied photoelectric effect. I have many doubts regarding that, so firstly, I cannot understand when, THRESHOLD FREQUENCY arises. " Threshold frequency is the frequency at which the electron gets ejected from the electrode & runs toward the other negatively charged electrode " , so my...
  11. Vivan Vatsa

    Does LISP Still Exist? AI, 5th & 7th Gen Computers

    we are moving towards the 7th generation computer, but the 5th generation still exist in some part of the world. So talking about AI( artificial intelligence) does the programming language still exist, does LISP still exist or it is gone off the market? Please help on this because I am learning...
  12. Vivan Vatsa

    At last it's Juno or nothing

    another million congrats to Nasa for craving down history. Juno is really an appropriate device which tells that yes we can do it. An excellent symbol of excellence. Very much inspired by it. Loving Juno, Are you?
  13. Vivan Vatsa

    Difficulty in understanding graphs in kinematics

    I am having a great difficulty in plotting, understanding & visualising the graphs, which is important aspect in physics. So I want some help from everyone to please show me, how to understand a given graph better & juice out everything which it wants. I want to make my fundamental strong by...
  14. Vivan Vatsa

    Realizing Dreams: Understanding Our Existence

    we have our personal opinion on our needs. Some want gadgets, some wants clothes, some want people in their life & some want peaceful life. But what was the need of making people realize their dreams. Why we need to know our existence??
  15. Vivan Vatsa

    What in your opinion is great?

    Well searching for many days, I can't understand that what really people think of being great. Does it means that you are the conqueror of the world or you are the happiest man on earth. So what is your opinion on being great??
  16. Vivan Vatsa

    Is déjàvu a part of human life like our breathing?

    well if seen from top approach, "dejavu" is just a myth, but if it is observed practically, it happens with me everyday. I think that I am always respecting my actions. I think that there is 30 hours in my day. I think that I am a freak but if it happens a dozen of times, it is no coincidence...
  17. Vivan Vatsa

    What is going to be the future of computer industry?

    this question always arises in my mind after working on my iPad, that what will be the future of computer industry, 10 years from now... Is it going to help us or will it be the main cause of destruction. We humans are no magician, who can tell the future but I want suggestion on-- How you all...
  18. Vivan Vatsa

    Uniformly accelerated motion under gravity

    Yeah but mainly UNIFORMLY ACCELERATED MOTION UNDER GRAVITY is a game of continuous rate of change working under gravity, Right? If that is true then I should conclude that motion under gravity is a relation of velocity with respect to time working under a constant(known as Gravity).
  19. Vivan Vatsa

    Gathering ideas for VUI

    Yes I am following the current Google convention. Though it has released some great products yesterday. They are more focusing on Artificial intelligence. They have to converge VUI with AI, then it will give a blast.
  20. Vivan Vatsa

    Gathering ideas for VUI

    Well if you search for META, you will see that it uses a device operated environment. But Creating that virtual interface is a challenge. But I am working on making that possible. I have some ideas, but don't have a base to start upon. So will answer that question after my work is over. Thanks...
  21. Vivan Vatsa

    Gathering ideas for VUI

    Well companies like Oculus rift or mainly & trending META vision, these companies are working on augmented reality. Actually these companies use many devices such as HUD, head mount, eye glasses etc. For creating a virtual environment. But my idea is little different. I want to create that...
  22. Vivan Vatsa

    Uniformly accelerated motion under gravity

    Ok @nasu thanks for your help. I think that's the only way possible to understand. The book is Aakash module(Target 1). Well thanks for your explanation. I will think over it &I ask some more doubts.
  23. Vivan Vatsa

    Doubt in concentration terms

    I want to ask that how to understand the relation of different concentration terms. Like the relation of Molality, Molarity & Density & related relations of concentration terms. So how to understand the relations easily?
  24. Vivan Vatsa

    What are the best physics and math books for high school?

    There are many books you can refer, but why don't you check some best online content. Like , best site for high school physics. Books like Concept of physics(volume 1& 2) This book will help you a lot.
  25. Vivan Vatsa

    Gathering ideas for VUI

    Hello everyone, I am doing a research on virtual user interface for almost three years, have been successful in gathering as much information as I can for revolutionizing the computer Industry. And now I want suggestion of what you want or what are your requirements for a Virtual user interface...
  26. Vivan Vatsa

    Questions about uniformly accelerated motion under gravity

    I am not able to understand that why when a body is traveling against the gravity, there will be a point somewhere (which will be known as the maximum point where it will change its path, towards the ground) where the body's velocity become 0 m/s. Then it returns to the ground. So my doubt is...
  27. Vivan Vatsa

    Uniformly accelerated motion under gravity

    It is written in many textbooks I have referred. Every where it is explained in the same way. It tells that though respective of how much the body travelled, it will travel with a velocity of 5 m/s in the last second. I don't understand why is that so...?
  28. Vivan Vatsa

    Uniformly accelerated motion under gravity

    Uniformly accelerated motion under gravity:- I have been taught that when a body accelerates, it travels on ratio of 1:3:5... so on. I have also been taught that at the last second, anybody in the world will travel with the velocity of 5 m/s. Why is that so? Why I should believe on some axiom.