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  1. Foon

    Electric, Magnetic, and Gravitational Fields

    I'm having trouble with the second part to this question and would really appreciate help, it comes with a diagram that I've tried my best to copy so I hope it will help you o.O; Thanks Question: A ping pong ball of mass 3.0 x 10^-4 kg hangs from a light thread 1.0m long...
  2. Foon

    Momentum Problem and final velocities

    I've been hacking away at this question for a while but I'm really getting nowhere. All I know is that its supposed to be broken down into components or something. Any helps would be appreciated. Question: Two balls of equal mass (m) undergo a collision. One ball is initially stationary...
  3. Foon

    Extremely Confusing Energy Question - Involves Springs

    I drew out a diagram for this question and wrote out all my givens. I looked through all the formula's I have and I just can't put the pieces of the puzzle together. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. Question: A 1.5kg steel mass is dropped onto a vertical compression...
  4. Foon

    Toboggan physics problem

    I'm in grade 12 physics and I'm having a lot of trouble so far. I have an assignment due tomorrow but I can't get this one hard question. Any help would be appreciated. A 25.6kg child pulls a 4.81kg toboggan up a hill inclined at 25.7 degrees to the horizontal. The vertical height of the hill...