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    Net Ionic Equation clarification

    I obtained a net ionic equn' as follows Ba +2 (aq) + SO4 2- (aq) ----> BaSO4 (s) Now I need clarification for the following question and my answer to it. What is the max amount of solid product that could be obtained by reacting one mole of each reactant? I believe that b/c of the...
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    Help with Stoichiometry and Volumetric Analysis

    I need some help with this question. A piece of chalk (mainly calcium carbonate) is placed in 250 mL of 0.293 M HCl. All the CaCO3 reacts, realising CO2 gas, and leaving a clear solution. 50.00 mL of the solution is pipetted into another flask. 87.1 mL of 0.0567 M NaOH is required to titrate...
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    Standardization of An Acid

    Don't worry about it, I figured it out :D
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    Standardization of An Acid

    So for a I know that M (molarity) = moles of solute/liters of sol'n
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    Standardization of An Acid

    It requires 46.5 mL of 0.215M NaOH to neutralize 15.0 mL of aqueous H2SO4. What was the molarity (M) of the acid sample? I'm not quite sure how to approach this quesiton, if anyone has and starter tips please let me know.