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    Derivatives of constants

    this is just a general question, one that keeps coming up everytime i take a test or quiz. I understand that the derivative of a constant is zero, but I don't understand when you use that zero to multiply or divide in a problem, and when you just ignore that zero. For example x^2/3...
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    Graphing a parabola for a calculus problem

    I am graphing a parabola for a calculus problem. I understand how you factor and use the two x values as your x-intercepts, but I'm not sure how this one would be graphed. y=4x^2 - 25. I understand how the vertex of the parabola would be at negative 25, but I have no clue what to do woith...
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    Calc Summer Assignment

    Determine the value of c so that f(x) is continuous on the entire real line if f(x)={ x^2, x<_3 (less than or equal to) { c/x, x>3 I've been trying by just guess and check, but I have absolutely NO idea! Please help!
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    Calculus Summer Assignments

    I have a summer calc assignment due tomorrow, and I've been stuck on these two problems. Help is appreciated! Solve for y: x^2 + y^2 + 4x - 6y +12=0 I tried this: x^2 + 4x + 12 = -y(y-6) But I don't think that was correct. THe left side wont' factor, and I don't htink that is the right...
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    Calculus Summer Assignments

    when you distribute the 3, would it be 3rcos3theta? or do you just not distribute the 3 to the cos?
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    Calculus Summer Assignments

    the Pythag. Identity? Would you have to plug in rcostheta with the 3x?
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    Calculus Summer Assignments

    oh yes thanks! how about this one. I'm not sure how to simplify it down, and how to distribute the ^2 once it has been plugged in. x^2 + y^2 +3x=0 when x=rcostheta and y=rsintheta
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    Calculus Summer Assignments

    ohh, costheta=sqrt(6)/3 ?
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    Calculus Summer Assignments

    I'm taking Calculus next year and over the summer I have some assignments. This one is due in a couple of hours, so any help would be appreciated! If cos2t=1/3 and *0<_ 2t <_ pie, find cost. t=theta *less than or equal to I don't know how to use the identities to help me...