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    Why is GR and QM not compatible?

    See website and writings of Dr. Mendel Sachs.
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    What are quaternions

    Maxwell's original formulation of Electromagnetics was in terms of quaternions but there were several individuals such as Gibbs and Heaviside who questioned the necessity and pragmatics of using quaternions and promoted a version employing only VECTORS. The dispute got quite heated with insults...
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    Does anyone here understand Theory Development?

    Doctordick wrote: "For the most part, theoretical physicists earn their bread by being experts in the current accepted theories. They spend their research time looking for specific issues which will either confirm or deny the validity of a current theory. Very rarely does a theoretical...
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    Does anyone here understand Theory Development? When asked what he would have done if the eclipse observations had disagreed with the prediction of general relativity for the bending of light, Einstein replied "Then I would have felt sorry for the dear lord, because the theory is correct."...
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    Does anyone here understand Theory Development? The first published reference to Einstein's special theory of relativity appeared in a short note by Walter Kaufmann reporting on his experimental results involving the deflection of electrons in an electromagnetic field. Kaufmann's work was...
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    Professions involving Physics

    I've seen large catalog type volumes in employment offices that list professions involving physics.Maybe they are now on CD. Would anyone know what those listings are called?
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    QM Versus GR (for people with an understanding of these two forces

    PO GTR controls QM Here is a Physicist's website that might interest you Kasbah. Dr. Mendel Sachs wrote several published papers in the mid to late 1960's and several books published by Dordrecht Reidel and others such as GENERAL RELATIVITY AND MATTER and...