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    What is a black hole in 4th dimension looks like?

    If there is a black hole in the 4th dimension, how will it looks like in the observer in 3rd dimension?
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    Is it possible to have infinite amount of dimension?

    Quote: "Because gravity also spreads outside spacetime, only a fraction of its strength is available inside spacetime, and this is given as the explanation of why gravitation is so much weaker than the other forces." If this statement is true, is it still possible that there are infinite...
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    Co-exist dimension

    Perhaps traveling in the higher dimension is the only way to reach the other similar dimension(space)?
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    Co-exist dimension

    Thanks for your reply, but what is dark energy? Is it energy of dark matter? Anyway, if gravity force can effect other dimension, wouldn't that cause our dimension to crash with other dimension if another dimension exist?
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    Co-exist dimension

    1.Is it possible that different dimensions co-exist?For example:3 dimension space and four dimension space 2.Is it possible that the same type of dimension exist separately in another dimension?(For example:Two 3-dimension space exist together in a higer dimension) 3.Will force in a dimension...