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    Degree of forbiddenness

    How do we calculate degree of forbiddenness? Can someone do an example to show me?
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    Top Medical Physics Graduate Programs

    I am almost done with my junior year at a top 15 liberal arts college. I'm majoring in physics with an overall gpa of 3.5 which I hope to pull to a 3.6 by graduation. My physics gpa is about 3.85. I am interested in attending a top school to do medical physics. Duke, UChicago,UW-Madison, and...
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    Hamiltonian of flyball governor

    Hamilton equations of flyball governor I'm trying to find 1. The Hamiltonian 2. The Hamilton equation of motion for the flyball governor shown in problem 2 here This is what i have. Can someone tell me if i'm right...
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    Sphere rolling up an incline then back down

    Need Help Here!! A sphere or mass, m and radius r rolls along a horizontal surface with a constant velocity, Vi approaches an incline with (angle theta). ie bottom angle :smile: If it rolls without slipping, a) what is the maximum distance,x it will travel on the incline? b) If it begins to...
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    Oscillating rectangular plate

    How do i find the period of small oscillations and length of the equivalent simple pendulum, for a rectangular plate (edges a and b) suspended at its corner and oscillating in vertical plane? T = 2pi (I/mgl)^1/2 i calculated l (length) to be (a^2 + b^2 )^1/2 ---(the diagonal) is this right...
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    Moment of Inertia of rectangular plate

    How do i find using integrals, I of a rectangular plate with sides a and b with respect to side b? I know i have to use the equation I = integral of (a^2 dm) and i know density = m/ab but i'm having trouble figuring out the mass element. Can someone tell me what the mass element is? and...