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  1. chasrob

    Alien vision

    In a story I’m working on, the antagonists are (humanoid--almost identical to humans) aliens, with 2 eyes, binocular vision. Their tech and bio-engineering is several hundred years advanced from ours. They can see the (human) visual spectrum, but also into the infrared (how far I haven’t...
  2. chasrob

    Skinsuit capability

    I have as a protagonist a being like Superman, except transformed from your average human. After the transformation, some advanced aliens presented him with a skinsuit to wear as he is flying about, so he can avoid traveling in his birthday suit. It can withstand the heat, forces, etc., at a...
  3. chasrob

    Circular to elliptical orbit

    I have an object in a 500,000 km circular orbit around earth. I want to change it into an elliptical orbit with a perigee of 500 km. I found this cool site and put those numbers in the calculator. The ”Injection into elliptical transfer orbit delta V” answer is -741.97 m/s. Does that mean to...
  4. chasrob

    Enormous cargo net

    I'm writing a sci-fi story. Is it possible, using today's tech and materials, to make a net that will support 1 million tonnes of one tonne iron chunks? It must be one-point lift and withstand a couple gees acceleration/de-acceleration. Thanks for your help.
  5. chasrob

    Reality check on superhero power

    My story has a Superman analogue as the protagonist. His talents include the basic “flying brick” goodies, but no other powers. Early in the story, soon after he was “transformed”, he’s flying in for a landing in his current, drug-ridden, residential neighborhood at night. He happens to look...
  6. chasrob

    Thread Views

    Is there any way to see the number of views of a thread? Or is that no longer available?
  7. chasrob

    Most total e-folds from inflation

    I'm asking this just out of curiosity on my part.<grin> When I first heard of cosmic inflation, a long time ago, I went to the local university library to look at papers that made estimates of the total number of e-folds from various models. I'm not an expert in any area of science but I found...
  8. chasrob

    H naught?

    I read at Space dot com that astronomers have made a precision measurement of Hubble's constant of 68 km/s/million light years and their (I'm pretty sure) paper says so. 222 km/s/Mpc? Isn't that triple the ~70 that most others have claimed?
  9. chasrob

    Atmospheric extinction

    Let's say that you are aboard the ISS looking out a port hole. Far above the atmosphere, how deep should someone of say, 20/15 vision be able to see with the naked eye? 12th or 13th mag.? I read where, in 1944 during the war blackout, amateur astronomers were able to pick out 8th mag. stars...
  10. chasrob

    Shock waves at Mach 470 000

    Yep, half light speed or thereabouts; superhero story :). I'm writing a story about this fellow who gets super powers, including super speed. He can move, fly, at up to 100 000 miles per second. He can also move around at normal speed if he concentrates on what he's doing. Right after he...
  11. chasrob

    Slowing a rogue asteroid

    Story line I'm working on: an iron asteroid--huge, 20 km in diameter--is zipping along in its orbit in the asteroid belt. It's solid Ni-Fe, same composition as an iron meteorite, only gigantic. I need to have its velocity slowed down. 900 gees of de-acceleration for 10 seconds. Can this...
  12. chasrob

    Star-hopping a way home for a superman; astronomers needed

    I'm writing a novel which has as a protagonist a super-powered being, like in the comics (only he is the sole such critter in the universe). Like Superman he has the ability for flight through space, but he cannot take any matter, baryons, with him. I'm hoping some astronomy experts could help...
  13. chasrob

    Anti-matter Black Hole

    Is there any such thing? Or is it unphysical? If it's physical, would making contact with a matter black hole result in E=mc^2? Thanks.
  14. chasrob

    It flies! Writing a superhero story

    I'm writing a superhero story. This fellow acquires superpowers, sort of like Superman. He has some pals that he lets in on his abilities, and of course they want him to ferry them around the world. Problem... it's impractical at jetliner speeds, eh?:confused: So I came up with this idea...
  15. chasrob

    Mach 6 at low altitude

    A cruise missile, small--say 10 feet long, making 4000 mph at 1 mile altitude- Would it make a boom loud enough to break windows? The smaller the craft, the less the boom, correct? Probably would be a tough one to answer; no aircraft I'm aware of is that small, making that kind of speed...
  16. chasrob

    Superhero shenanigans

    I’m writing a story about a super-powered being and thought it would be neat to quantify his capabilities. Usually, he’s normal, human, but he can ramp up into super phase where A)His actions and perceptions are cranked up to the point where one second of his “time” is equal to 1.67 nanoseconds...
  17. chasrob

    Asteroid on a collision course

    In a SF story I'm working up, an asteroid is launched(long story made short) from its orbit in the asteroid belt in a collision course with earth. It is 30km wide or so, one of 10,000 such planetoids in the belt, IIRC. From the viewpoint here on earth, it is in the milky way of Gemini and...