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    Paint your roof white to reduce global warming

    I bought a white metal roof and it helps a lot in summer. It also helps to use a fan to "sample and hold" the cool night air around 4 AM. Add that to digging 10 feet down for a basement and migrating there for the summer and the result is about three days worth of air conditioning for the whole...
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    Photon diffraction questions

    Michaelson Interferometer question I want to tool up to experiment in this area by making my own Michaelson interferometer since they are so expensive. One little problem: The interferometer I had in undergraduate class had screw adjustments for the mirrors that I could easily move a single...
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    Melting glaciers

    I am not going to waste time playing cat and mouse with every dumb piece of nonsense you bring up. The fact is that the icecaps are both melting bigtime. The permafrost is melting. Glaciers are melting almost everywhere. There is every indication that the earth's serface is warming as a whole...
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    Melting glaciers

    TCS daily looks like an industry toy - not a refereed journal, And the Science Forums is a joke. If you can't show me something from a refereed journal and then the proof that even THAT has been agreed upon then forget it. There are too many lie factories out there like the Discovery...
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    Melting glaciers

    Bird dog Andre I suspect, a real climate expert or better yet a team needs to follow Andre around and undo the damage he has done to science. But I don't have a ten million dollar budget for that. Certain industry and ideologically motivated folk will never see the light of the evidence no...
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    When lightning happens. Does energy bleed off into space?

    The splitting water drop model seems to be a good model because that is precisely the way my static generator worked. The voltage got so high and the drops got so charged that they went flying in all directions. As for the energy it is important to note that as in any capacitor the energy is...
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    Design a transportable capacitor

    I know of no straightforward way to formulate an equation for the capacitor energy density that can be maximized through differentiation. The dielectric constant is the capacitence parameter such that the greater K is the bigger the capacitence is. Thus good dielectric strength and a large...
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    Design a transportable capacitor

    For energy storage the thickness of the dielectric is important because it determines the voltage and thus the stored energy. It also unfortunately, contributes to the volume. I have some 80 volt capacitors and about 20 of them would make a Farad which also would be about a cubic foot and...
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    Lead acid batteries

    The only cell that works good on is lithium-ion. Lead acid is not too bad. Nicad and nickel-metal hydride are history dependent. That means either a charge or discharge perturbes the voltage which slowly returns to the normal curve. Heat can make these cells drop voltage which fools a charger...
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    Want to move on from XP to Linux, please help

    I have OK I see it. Now I need an image file to burn. My DSL is almost T1 if that helps. I don't understand what an image is all about anyway. Why not drag and drop, then burn? Unfortunately I can't speak that language. I do have a network with one machine to be dedicated to...
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    Want to move on from XP to Linux, please help

    Nero 6 is $79. I can't justify the price.
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    Want to move on from XP to Linux, please help

    "First step, download ubuntu, or whatever distro you are looking at. Then burn it to a cd/dvd. " The download comes as an image. I have Nero 5. I cannot burn an image because it is too complicated. Someone send me a message on the side. Thanks.
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    Capture energy from lightning

    I didn't see any numbers so I thought maybe throw out these if my memory is correct. You get no more than a million amperes for a microsecond average and the voltage must be small enough so the lightening doesn't bypass your terminals, say ten million volts. Try engineering that. Remember...
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    Cockroft-Walton question.

    Need 3 phase OK now what is the circuit for a three phase machine? Powered by three phase RF hopefully.
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    Plz help me in solving this circuit

    I see nothing but two ohm resistors. If so then even if the unknown is infinite you would still not get as low as three volts for the output (across the rightmost resistor). So I would question the problem. If you want two volts across the unknown then the problem is solvable.
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    EMF - need help - physics

    If I were designing a dynamo one of the first things I would consider is the energy which could be stored in the iron. You would need to know the area and length of the iron path. Also the susceptibility of the iron and the distance of the air gap. Then you can find out how many ampere turns...
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    Lead acid batteries

    It shouldn't hurt the new cells. They just won't get charged enough which is bad in the long run. But in a discharge the bad cells will easily be reverse charged which should be even more damaging. Generally folks keep all cells in a series string at the same ampere-hour rating and state of...
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    Laser Listening Device

    Diode One of the hard parts to find is a fast sensitive optical pin diode for under a dollar. I need a response time of 10 nanoseconds.
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    A thermodynamic question

    Question Now for the tough question. There was supposedly a dark age in the early universe, after the uncoupling of mater and radiation at age 10E5 years and before the appearance of the first stars. At this time the universe was filled with un-ionized gas which according to one source was...
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    A thermodynamic question

    I don't think that very many of the CMBR photons have interacted with anything on the way to our instruments. Else the nice maps and impressive science in the field would be meaningless. There are some absorption lines in some directions here and there but for the most part we see a black body...
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    Building a transformer.

    Ions? This lifter thing just looks like the action of ions under high voltage. I have felt the "wind" caused by such a near discharge. It is very weak, uses small current, and is strictly conventional physics. In my case I used two needles or a needle and a wire ring. Anything over 20KV would...
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    A thermodynamic question

    The microwave background radiation establishes a temperature for "deep space", the temperature that will be reached in time by a grain of sand located "far" from any other object. As the universe is expanding and the background is accelerating it will become cooler yet in a long time.
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    1-dimensional problem in newtonian gravity- HELP

    Here is my try at it. Can you check for errors? A rock is dropped from r_0 and falls straight down to R. How long does it take. Where R is earth radius and r_0 >> R . The gravity force equation F= \frac{GMm}{r^2} , integrates to a specific energy equation W= -\frac{u}{r}. The...
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    Kyoto-Are Americans Eco-Terrorists?

    The March Scientific American has delivered a double blow to Global Warming skeptics. First they lauded Michael Mann then they published Ruddiman's claim that "Humans stopped the ice age." Supporting Mann was Gavin Schmidt, of NASA Goddard, complaining of "unjustified attack after...
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    What would it take to move earth

    I had this problem in mind, and the asteroid solution is attractive because it "uses the Sun's gravity to amplify the initial push." But I was worried about the requirement that all the planet's periods match some multiple of Jupiter's. If that rule is violated chaos may set in. I don't know...
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    G formula?

    Lets try one more time. You do not feel the pull of gravity so long as you are free to fall where it takes you. What you feel on Earth is the ground pushing up. At least this is the interpretation of the equivalence principle.
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    YOU!: Fix the US Energy Crisis

    I have observed this phenomenon for two years in my new house and it is strange here. In summer moisture is absorbed by the cinder block basement walls. I suspect it goes into the pores so that the basement is not quite as damp as expected. In the fall as the outside cools the water comes out...
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    Problems with climate change theories.

    Does anyone know what UHI is? A search under Storch got me a report supporting the hockystick. Can you provide the journal issue and page for this? The work of McIntire&McKitrick has been ridiculed by the realclimate boys so the establishment won't accept it any more.
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    Kyoto-Are Americans Eco-Terrorists?

    In normal oscillations heat is moved from one place to another. Then to compensate for the hot place there is always a cold place. This works fine until all places are hot. Then it is not the coincidence of oscillations but real global warming. The environmentalists are turning up the heat...
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    Problems with climate change theories.

    This is four weeks late but catching up with the thread. This has been addressed numerous times in the literature. It was discussed in the IPCC report para Page 105. The difference between the urban and rural measurements, though small, has been taken into account. Also see Box 2.1...