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    Keen amateur, could someone help me

    Perhaps because if one goes back in time, before the time machine has been invented, they could end up causing a chain of events that causes the machine to not be invented. If the machine was never invented, the time-traveler never moved back in time, and you get a paradox. It's a lot like the...
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    Made in China? Danger! Throw it away

    As a fellow Indian, we offer you to buy from the world-famous megacorporation, India Inc. For a limited time only, we are offering discounts on all rotis, samosas, and software packages. So remember, buy from India Inc, the awesome guys o:) On a more serious note, the level of manufacturing in...
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    In the news: Wikipedia and the Pro Wrestler story

    Well, at least they give me something to do on Wikipedia, as I, armed with my mighty wired mouse (with a mouseball) and my callulosed finger, take on the onslaught of the vandals.
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    First Baby (so excited)

    I'm going to be a bit original and say: Super Congratulation! Hope she joins PF soon.
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    I am just too judgementa

    That is good, in my opinion, since you can probably tell apart people who are good to you, and people who are "playing" with you. You can try to be more like me-more sarcastic.
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    Cricket World Cup

    Dang it! I hate it when that happens! Just another sarcastic comment. Even though I myself am an Indian, I feel sorry for your loss. I don't think the Pakistani team will ever be the same again without Woolmer. The Pakistani team is equally good as the Indian team, and may even have more...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Since you guys really want to know: [Broken] P.S. How do you resize an image?
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    Pet food recall

    Whoops... Moonbear, should I be OK if I ate a whole bag of pet food? I hope so because I don't feel so good... *Vomit*
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    Cricket World Cup

    Canada has a cricket team? India better do good in this cup. After all, our team is the highest paid team in the world...
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    PF PHOTO CONTEST - Sunrise, Sunset (3/10-3/16)

    I saw a good sunset on Friday... If only I had my camera with me... Which I lost in a recent apartment fire during August.
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    Fixing Hubble

    Central or Eastern?
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    Is it true you lose depth perception when looking out of one eye?

    Strange fact: You loose depth perception when both of your eyes are closed.
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    Feliz Cumpleaños, Clausius2!

    Navidad = Christmas Cumpleanos with a tilde over the n = birthday
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    It's time for another 'What xxxxxxx are you?'

    :surprised :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    How Googlable are you? Computer dependence.

    I got 489 with my actualy name, and turns out that only 20 of them are about me.
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    I'm Living in the Astronomy Section

    I gotta learn the math first, but I can apply what I know to the questions.
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    Conan and Jim Carrey on QM

    My opinion: Show off... A decade ago they thought we nerds were really creepy and avoided us whenever we came down the hallway (Mind you, I was doing really nerdy 3 year old stuff back then), and now, they USE us! For publicity!
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    How Googlable are you? Computer dependence.

    Not to mention the fact that I regularly see your site. I get about .00001 hits a day, mainly since I don't like to use my real name. MadScientist1000 is all you should know.
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    I'm Living in the Astronomy Section

    Having seen the horrors of long times between posts, and the starving databanks ready for more information, I am officially moving to the astronomy section. My experience may be questioned, but I can assure you that I do know a lot about Space in general, even though my AstroPhysics is...
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    Superbowl Picks

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: ROMO!!!! How could you have fumbled the ball??? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I guess you are right so far....
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    Good Text Based RPG

    So that means I can change my game speed when I am not playing to daily so that I get 700+ turns when I re login some time later, then I revert back to real time. That does sound kind of unbalanced to me actually.
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    Good Text Based RPG

    Btw, you don't have to play it 24/7 actually.
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    Good Text Based RPG

    It isn't that bad. They have a variety of speeds such as daily, hourly, and real time. If you don't have a lot of time everyday, daily is a good speed for you.
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    Good Text Based RPG

    I play this game pretty much every day: It's called Unification Wars. It takes place in the future, where hyperspace has been discovered. You fight other empires for planets, which produce goods per turn, and from that you make money. The good thing is that you never loose money though. Here...
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    Da Physcist Comebacks

    ROFLMAO... Nice one
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    Da Physcist Comebacks

    Yo mama is so dumb, she believes \pi is a rational number equal to three. Yo mama is so dumb, she drank a bottle that clearly said Sulfuric Acid and belched out loud. Yo mama is so fat, she got hired as a pusher plate for the new Orion spacecraft...
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    4-year-old suspended

    More like a adultofile. Instead of abusing kids, he abuses adults.
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    Da Physcist Comebacks

    Your mom is so dumb, she is still trying to divide by zero.
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    My college essay - critique welcomed

    I have an idea... Why not twist a few details and make it a close family relative who died??? The college board people might appreciate your essay more if you did so maybe.
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    Good Science Books

    I guess that I stand corrected then... I'll just use this forum to ask about good science textbooks otherwise.