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    Publication, but I didnt do anything?

    Hi all, I started doing research with a professor back in September, and basically all I've done so far was write a bunch of computer programs. He submitted a paper for publication last week, and he put me as a co-author. But it doesn't feel right, because I don't think I deserve it. Just...
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    Global variables.

    Hi, I just want to know, if you're writing a reasonably short program (~500 lines), and you're basically using a global variable as a const (user inputs it once, and you wont ever change it), then is it ok?
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    Designing iPhone apps

    Hi all, I've applied to several UROP (Undergrad Research Opportunity Program) projects and I've gotten accepted to four, and one of them involves designing iPhone apps. The problem is... I've never programmed in Objective C, but I do know a fair amount of C++ (very basic OOP skills). Is...
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    How to gain programming experience

    I've been trying to look around for projects to do in C++ to gain programming experience but I can't really find any. Can anyone here suggest any programming projects a non-expert in C++ can do? Or would working through this class be a good way to start...
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    Which CS class should I take

    I really want to get a programming internship next summer. Which one of these classes would be the best preparation for one? Object Oriented and Advanced Programming (difficulty: very hard) Database Management Systems (difficulty: moderate) User Interface Development (difficulty: moderate)
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    Taking classes Pass/Fail

    Hi, I have to take a bunch of SS/humanities classes to fulfill my gen ed requirements. These classes bore me to death, and I don't think I can muster the strength to put in effort in these courses. If I take these classes pass/fail, would grad schools look down on it?
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    No physics intuition

    Hi, I'm currently taking Introductory Mechanics, and the more I progress into this class, the more I realize that I have no intuition when it comes to relating physics to real life. The actual class is pretty easy for me, but the lab is killing me. The hardest questions for me are "What...
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    Signal processing

    Hello, Recently I've been very interested into going into signal processing. I have a couple questions... 1) Exactly how much math do you need? Do you need anything past PDE's? 2) How are job prospects for this field? 3) Are you required to do any hands-on stuff? (e.g. build...