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    Completed my in computer science

    hi physicsts I had completed my in computer science and engineering and want to pursue a career as a good astrophysicst. Now in India there is an intergrated Msc-PhD programme at indian institute of astroastrphysics and they allow grads to do astrophysics if they have good...
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    Bsc physics

    Hi all, I completed my B.Tech in computer science and Engineering. Now I want to study astrophysics. For that I need to have a good background in physics. I want to learn Bsc physics individually covering all areas of bsc physics syllabus. Can anyone help or direct me to good books. I...
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    Astrophysics after B.Tech

    Hi all, I would like to pursue my master degree in astrophysics. I had completed my B.Tech in computer science from M.G university Kottayam,Kerala. Can I study astrophysics from IIA (Indian Institute of Astrophysics). I am planning to do physics paper in JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test). I...