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    Focusing sound waves

    Is there any way to focus a sound wave BEHIND an acoustic lens i.e. the source and receiver are on different sides of the lens? Will it result in a significant loss of sound energy?
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    Focusing sound waves

    Can we focus parallel sound waves using convex and concave lenses since they essentially follow the same laws of refraction as light? If not, is there any way to focus parallel beams of sound to converge at a point?
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    Multiple or single disturbance wave in thermoacoustic setup?

    Consider a standard standing wave thermoacoustic setup with a stack at 1/4th from the end of one tube( the stack is a concentric type with a certain length. Note that I am not using a heated gauze directly) The stack is made concentric. One end is heated, the other is cooled. Sound is emitted...
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    Rijke tube: Why Sound is maximum when heated 1/4th length from bottom

    Why is it that the maximum sound coming from a Rijke tube happens only when heated wire gauze is placed at 1/4th the length of the tube from the bottom. According to Rayleighs criterion(copy pasted) "If heat be periodically communicated to, and abstracted from, a mass of air vibrating in a...