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    Rindler Observer

    Hi, I read sean carroll book, "spacetime and geometry" and in the last chapter where he tries to derive unruh effect, he introduced the concept of Rindler coordinate. There is this part where he considers an accelerating observer in minkowski metric and introduce the trajectory blah blah...
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    Can we prove that there is a maximal complete set of commuting

    Hi, Just wondering, can we prove that there is a maximal complete set of commuting observable?
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    On white hole

    Hi, I've recently finished a course on GR, and would like to read up more on wormhole and white hole. May I ask if there are any papers, websites or books that introduces the mathematical and physical structure of these stuffs?
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    Radiation frame variant?

    Hi, Is radiation a frame variant process, which means for example, if someone is co-accelerating with an accelerating charge(such that no relative motion) then he will not witness radiation since to him, since the charge is stationary. However, to an inertial observer outside, he will...
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    Holographic principle

    Hi, Today in a classical mechanics lecture, we were posed a question on whether there will be gravitational attraction between masses if the 2 masses were squashed into a 2D masses(so is flat). At first, i thought the force should still exist, since the force only depends on masses, so maybe...
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    Poynting vector in wire and capacitor

    Hi, For the scenario of wire or capacitor, the poynting vector is found to point inward radially, which suggests the energy is flowing into the wire from the air. Isn't this a bit peculiar because energy seems to be transferred from the battery along the wire. What i am speculating is the...
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    Wire in changing B field

    Does a straight wire in changing B field(the field is perpendicular to the wire) has an induced emf?
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    The story behind a physics major

    hi guys, just to share some stuffs. I am a physics major in an asian country, and the very reason i choose to major physics is purely out of interest. Theoretical physics is just way too cool... But again, i feel that there is a price to pay for this interest and is a pretty heavy one. In my...
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    Random arrangment of graphite

    hi, I am a currently a year one physics major and during a lab session today and have a question regarding electron diffraction using graphite. Since the electron beam and the circular ring on the screen exhibit cylindrical symmetry(such that if you rotate the beam and the ring, you still get...