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    Electric Field of Nonuniform Line of Charge

    1. Homework Statement A thin rod extends along the x-axis from x=0 to x=L and carries a line charge density \lambda = \lambda_{0}*(x/L)^{2}, where \lambda_{0} is a constant. If L=0.19 m and \lambda_{0} = 40\muC/m, find the electric field strength at the point x=-0.19 m. (Hint: the resulting...
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    Capacitor problem

    [SOLVED] capacitor problem 1. Homework Statement A 40 pF capacitor is charged to 3 kV and then removed from the battery and connected in parallel to an uncharged 70 pF capacitor. What is the new charge on the second capacitor? Answer in units of nC. 2. Homework Equations pF= 1 F x...
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    Kinetic Energy of Charged Particle

    [SOLVED] Kinetic Energy of Charged Particle 1. Homework Statement Particles A (of mass m and charge Q) and B (of m and charge 5Q) are released from rest with the distance between them equal to 0.9976 m. If Q=33e-6 C, what is the kinetic energy of particle B at the instant when the particles...
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    Electric charge problem

    [SOLVED] electric charge problem 1. Homework Statement Two identical small metal spheres with q1>0 and magnitude of q1>magnitude q2 attract each other with a force of magnitude 74.9mN. They are 2.47 m apart. The spheres are then brought together until they are touching. At this point, the...
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    Torque Homework Help

    [SOLVED] Torque Homework Help 1. Homework Statement Here's the problem and I need to submit the answer online tonight!! Consider the rectangular block of mass m = 28kg, height h = 1.2 m, length l = 0.69 m. A force F is applied horizontally at the upper edge. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8...