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    Why not to discuss Perpetual Motion Machines? Is Politics Involved?

    This thread is specially targeted to the Administrators and Moderators of to allow and support the discussions on perpetual motion machines. The concept of the perpetual motion machines have interested me and most probably a lot of you since a long time. Time and again new...
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    Storing and Transferring smell

    Has anyone ever heard of or know about any technology that could capture , store or transfer smell in any form electronically or mechanically. Are there any researches being conducted in universities or research facilities regarding this topic or have there been any achievements so far. I...
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    Bandwidth of space

    Bandwidth of space!!! Can anyone tell me what might be the bandwidth of a m3 of space or air. As we can tell the b/w of Cu wire is in MBps , ethernet cables in GBps and that of optical fibre is around TBps ; is there any way to find out or any formula to calculate the threshold capacity of...
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    Ineresting thought on earth's speed and rotation.

    Let me give an example to make it short and clear - suppose we want to travel from China to US i.e east to west . We know that earth rotates from west to east. Now if we could only manage to hang in the space(like hovering helicopter) just few hundred meters above the ground without actually...
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    Prime number.

    Is there any mathematical formula to predict / generate / or test the prime number??