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    Extra white space when inserting EPS figures in Word 2010

    Extra "white space" when inserting EPS figures in Word 2010 I am writing a report on my research, and I need to insert Matlab plots and various other images using EPS format for maximum image quality. My plots from Matlab must first be exported to Illustrator for annotation before inserting...
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    Mathcad errors galore (symbolic evaluation)

    Hello, I'm trying to use mathcad to do Rayleigh-Ritz approximation of the critical elastic buckling load of a joists top chord. The joists support a standing seam roof which acts to stabilize the top chord from out of plain buckling. In order to approximate the buckled shape, I chose to use...
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    Relationship between mass moment of inertia and second moment of area?

    I am trying to create a model in SimMechanics of a simple damped frame. I am very new to this software and structural dynamics as well. I have a copy of "Dynamics of Structures" 3ed by Chopra. In the textbook, the author uses the standard geometric and material properties that I am familiar...
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    HELP: Simscape for structural engineering

    Hello, I am assisting my professor by investigating the usefulness of Simscape in structural engineering. I have just recently obtained a copy of Matlab, and I am totally unfamiliar with the entire program as a whole. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good reading materials or tutorials...
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    FEF of non-prismatic beam

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations [k]{delta}=F 3. The Attempt at a Solution I found I(x) and confirmed it manually. Basically, I think my confusion comes when finding delta. Delta is a 2X1 array of -d and -theta, respectively. I used equations for deflection and...
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    MathCAD programming help

    Mods, I wasn't sure where to put this, so please move it if its not in the correct section. Thank you. I am in a computer structural analysis class that utilizes MathCAD as the means for all computations throughout the semester. I've never used it before, so Im having some issues. I have...
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    Pole fatigue calc

    I was asked by the CE to do a fatigue calc for a speaker pole going up in key west. im using AASHTO standard spec for structural supports for highway signs, luminaires, and traffic signals. he said to assume a Vc of 45mph, an importance factor of 1.0 (from category I-lights in the cantilevered...
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    LRFD phi for overturning, sliding, and soil bearing?

    Does anyone know the phi factors for overturning, sliding, and soil bearing in a small reinforced footing? If you could site the precise source too, that'd be great. I don't have access to many up to date specs and codes :/
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    Load combo's on footing subjected to large wind loads

    I am working on a spreadsheet for designing a small footing to support 1-4 Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs). These are vehicle scanners weighing in around 2-2.5 kips a piece and roughly 7.5'Hx3'Wx1.5'D. they are arranged on the footing in a few different configurations. aside from the self...
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    Need help with foundation design spreadsheet

    I am an civil engineering intern for SAIC in MD. The PE I work under asked me to create a spread sheet for designing the foundations for our projects which are 30-50' steel speaker poles subjected to 100-140 mph winds. there are 4 foundation/pole types, standard anchor bolt, direct embed, stub...
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    Whats the formula for variance between batches?

    Im working on a lab for my Civil Engineering Materials class and its asking for the "between batch variation" (SBB^2) for different cylinders of Portland cement concrete. Its not written anywhere on the lab sheet. And Ive looked in my book, notes, and Google. Im getting nothing here :/
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    OPTICS: linewidth

    i wasnt sure where to put this so feel free to move it, mods, if its in the wrong place. just reviewing for my optics final and im trying to work out a question. but i think the formula i got for it isnt right. QUESTION: The linewidth of a green light (lambda= 500nm) is DELTA-lambda=2.5 X...
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    I need help with Dynamics

    Im not here to ask about a homework problem or anything. I just need to figure out a method of solving these problems. I just cant get it no matter how much i try. Im a senior working toward my BS in physics. I have 3 classes left till i graduate (after this semester) and I have no problems...
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    Statics- beams internal effects i dont get it

    1. Homework Statement this is a picture of an example from the book. im going off of it to solve a problem that will be on my test tomorrow. i can figure out how to calculate the shear force and moment of each section (though i dont fully understand it), but im just not getting how they...
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    Im so lost in Statics HELP!

    Im so lost in Statics :( :( HELP! first of all i need to say that i do not go to a school that is known for its sciences. this of course means that we have crappy science teachers because our budget is very low. my teacher is horrible at explaining the material and whenever i ask him a...