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    Double slit questions from an observation perspective

    Some questions have been haunting me about this experiment for some time. I'm mainly interested in what we observe from the perspective of the projection screen. First lets imagine that there is only one slit, and we are observing from the projection screen looking back at the slit with the...
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    Osmoregulation in freshwater fish

    I'm interested in understanding this process (Osmoregulation) better. There is some debate about treating freshwater fish by adding medication to the water, and for some instances adding epsom salt. I have read that osmoregulation in fish only allows water to pass through the skin, and not...
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    Possible ebay fraudulent email

    I just received the following email; ....... Well I tried to copy and paste it, but the whole email is a link, and I cannot copy the text. The jist of the email was saying that I needed to verify personal info. After following the link and signing in to my account it asked me for my cretit...
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    Forum lagg?

    Anyone else getting this? I've been trying to post in some threads but the connectivity for me is slow or non-existant. If it's not just me is there any idea when the proplems will be rectified?
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    Water ice in crater at Martian north pole

    I havn't seen this posted here, but its a nice picture of ice on mars. Is this the result of a comet hitting mars and depositing the ice?
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    Time dilation and radioactive decay

    Does time dilation effect radioactive decay rates? A quick search on google seems to say no. This would imply that if the twins paradox was executed, that when the traveling twin returned home, after say 2000 earth years have passed, we would carbon date him at 2000+ years old. What would...