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    Physics Do physicists make enough to be middle class?

    I don't really care about money that much but i would still like to live comfortably and afford a house
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    B Is string theory dead or still valid

    Didn't someone invent a bunch of dimensions in order to make the theory compatible with other theories but are the extra dimensions right or correct.
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    Do theoretical physicists also work in labs?

    I heard they sometimes need to use powerful computers or see the experiment and results.
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    Why do physics majors have high IQs

    Did they start out with a high iq or did it increase because they were working with a lot of math and physics problems.
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    Is calculus helpful in understanding physics

    Im taking algebra based physics and i am having a hard time trying to understand some concepts or equations and i heard that calculus is very helpful
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    Is it possible to become a physicist if you had bad grades.

    Im in highschool right now and my physics grades are around Bs. The reason why is that I usually procrastinate and don't do homework plus i sometimes freeze up during tests but i usually understand the concepts and the math is usually easy or straight forward for me.
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    Physics What are my chances of becoming a research physicist

    I am in highschool right now and i would like to be a physicist but i heard a lot of physicists become engineers or programmers instead of a research physicists. And what is the difference between experimental and theoretical.
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    Can anyone describe and explain P-branes and D-branes to me?

    Like what does the higher dimensional branes mean what what do branes do.
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    Is string theory a theory?

    I heard that in order for something to become a theory it must be tested.
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    What is the current status of susy and string theory?

    I heard that the LHC was supposed to do some testing on supersymmetry but i didn't hear anything from them and is string theory still possible or not.
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    Physics How much do theoretical and experimental physicist get paid

    I like physics but i don't wanna worry about having enough money to afford a house or an apartment and l like would like to eat out without a coupon.
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    What do TAs and RAs for theoretical physics do?

    do they also work with mathematics or do they do something different