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    Calculate delayed neutron fraction

    Thanks for the quick reply Astronuc! The question is actually from the textbook: "Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Physics" By Elmer E. Lewis There is no information on the enrichment nor are there any given β values for U-238
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    Calculate delayed neutron fraction

    Hmmmm.......I think I may have found something. I've found that "β = ∑(Pi*βi)" where Pi is the fraction of power produced by isotope i. If this equation is true, then would the β at beginning be equal to 100% β(Uranium) and β at end equal to 70% β(Uranium) + 30% β(Plutonium)?? But then which β...
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    Calculate delayed neutron fraction

    That is my problem, I have no idea on how to start.......
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    Calculate delayed neutron fraction

    Hi guys, I have a question that I can't seem to wrap my head around. This is the question: A power reactor is fueled with slightly enriched uranium. At the end of core life (i.e., when it is about to be batch refueled), 30% of the power comes from the fissioning of the built up Pu-239...
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    Derivation of neutron flux equation

    1. Homework Statement reactor consists of nested spheres (sorry, this is my first time posting): Sphere 1 --> Lead target with radius of R0 (Target-region) Sphere 2 --> Actinide Fuel surrounding lead target; has outer radius of R1 (A-region) Sphere 3 --> Reflector surrounding the fuel with...
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    Neutron Flux in a sub-critical reactor

    Hi everyone, I am supposed to derive the neutron flux equation provided for region A of my reactor. Just wondering if anyone can help me out since I stuck on the derivation for [1/r - 1/R2]; S/4πD aspect is very similar to a solving the constant for a point source spherical reactor Here is my...