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    I cant seem to get this angular velocity problem right

    A small rubber wheel (radius of 2.60 cm) is used to drive a large pottery wheel (radius of 33.00 cm), and they are mounted so that their circular edges touch. If the small wheel accelerates at the rate of 7.10 rad/s2, and there is no slipping, what is the angular acceleration of the large...
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    I really Need Help on These 2 problems!

    1. Homework Statement (1)When mass M is at the position shown, it is sliding down the inclined part of a slide at a speed of 1.95 m/s. The mass stops a distance S2 = 1.85 m along the level part of the slide. The distance S1 = 1.25 m and the angle theta = 35.9 degrees. Calculate the...