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    Schools Can I get into grad School?

    Hello all. I am wondering what my chances are of getting into grad school. I realize there are other posts on the topic, but everyone is in a different situation so I think this is warranted. I have what the university calls a combined honors mathematics and physics BSc degree from the...
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    What does an engineer really do?

    Ok, so I am wondering what an engineer really does on the job. How much of it is actual engineering, how much of it is paperwork, meetings, talking with clients, or whatever? I would appreciate it if only people that are working in engineering respond. Thanks.
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    Doping away From half filling

    Can someone tell me what Doping away from half Filling means? I see it everywhere. Although I can't find referance to it in Kittel or Mermin, although I might not be looking hard enough. I have and idea of what it is. Half filling refers to the doping where the Brillouin Zone is half holes and...
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    Strange Ice cube behavior

    So, i've noticed that when I freeze ice cubes these strange icicles appear on the top of the ice. I took a picture, included as an attachment. Not really sure how something like this forms. Please no speculation.
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    Transformation to a local inertial Frame

    So ive been working on this problem. Im given the metric in Kruskal coordinates, so ds^2=32M^2exp(-r/2M)/r(-dT^2+dX^2)+r^2(dθ^2+sin^2(θ)dΦ^2) And the path of a particle is X=0 T=λ θ=π/2 Φ=0 And the path of the observer is X=-1/2*T+1/2 θ=π/2 Φ=0 And im asked to find the 3...
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    4-velocity -> 4-acceleration?

    4-velocity --> 4-acceleration? Hey all, my first post here. Now, Im trying to derive the 4-acceleration from the 4-velocity by explicitly calculating du/d(tau). So from Hartle we have u=( gamma, gamma*v) where gamma=1/Sqrt(1-v^2) and v is the 3 velocity, taking c=1 So then...