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    Mesh analysis, one source?

    this question is part of my electronics CW, ive done it before, but briefly. and looking back at all my old notes ive realised that every single one ive done before has 2 sources and only 2 loops, whereas you can see from the image below that this has 3 and its getting me in quite a kerfuffle...
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    Furnace Heat transfer question

    1. Homework Statement a furnace wall has an area of 3m^2. a thickness of 250mm and a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W m^-1 K^-1. calculate the rate of heat transfer through it when the temperature is 40K 2. Homework Equations Q/t=KxAx(T2-T1)/L 3. The Attempt at a Solution This isn't...
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    Impulse on a Pendulum with a Bullet

    1. Homework Statement A bullet of mass 0.04kg is fired horizontally into a wooden block of mass 0.09kg. the wooden block is suspended from the ceiling by a long string. after an impact the bullet is embedded in the block and bullet and the block swing together until the block is 0.10m above...