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    Medical How close are we to genetically altering brain functionality?

    Title says it all. How close are we to genetically instilling more memory, faster processing power, etc.. in the human brain? Can an admin please PM this time before just deleting the thread? It's a serious question and an interesting discussion if taken as such.
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    Is our system of education really that bad?

    I keep getting told by my parents how we grow up learning so much less than they have when they were growing up in the soviet union. Is our education really so inferior? I've attended top schools my entire life (until college) and I don't really think it's fair to say that I'm necessarily...
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    Medical What is your opinion on taking brain-boosting drugs?

    One of my college professors was talking about brain-boosting drugs and their use in the science world. He seemed to support the idea with a belief that no one in the scientific world will criticize you for making a breakthrough if you used drugs to boost your performance. Unlike the sports...
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    How much lift thrust would a 252 CFM 120mm fan provide?

    Hey guys, I'm a college student looking to build a miniature RC plane based off this picture here: [PLAIN] [Broken] As you can see, the thrust needed to lift and mobilize the plane is provided by the two fans on the sides...