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    Coriolis force

    so I can find the centrifugal force but shouldn't the Coriolis force be 0 because the mass is at rest?
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    Wave motion and two detectors to measure that motion

    Solving for t' by substitution I obtained t' = 7/8. Then I substituted x= 10 and t = 7/8 in the given equation. Is that the right way to do it? My answer key says the answer is 100 but I am getting 78.5.
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    Resultant displacement in a stretched spring

    If I take the vector sum, I am getting the angle to be 1. (tan^-1 tan(1)). Is that correct?
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    Shock wave front

    So when the source is not vibrating, it is not setting waves due to vibration? But it is moving so it is still causing disturbance in the medium .... And I happened to read that if the source is moving faster than the speed of sound, a shock wave is set up. How ?