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    Induced Current In a Tilted Square Inside and Outside a Solenoid

    Plot for the ring ^ Calculations for the Square ^ Plot for square without cosg on the outside calc ^ Plot for square with cosg on the outside calc ^ As can be seen the formulas for the square conductor do not connect at R, which I'm not sure if they should or if they should not as in this...
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    EMF induced in an off-axis solenoid due to a rotating magnet

    The red arrows correspond to the areas the solenoid will be moved too
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    Electric Field and Capacitance

    Question Part C Part D
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    Critical Velocity in a roller coaster cart

    1. The problem statement, all variables, and given/known data I was just wondering if a roller coaster can still pass through a loop with less than critical velocity/energy (Also if I'm assuming critical energy correctly). The loop can be of any size yet it must not exceed 5.7g at the entry...