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    Sorry the loss thread.

    As last thread about laser question, Don't tell me some good information here as a new question. Is it like the external world humans laser gun in principle within some secret stories. That is very powerful no source laser gun.
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    The fun wormhole neutrino through experiment and zero inertia mass action

    As some theory resuly, in p or n, there is a tini wormhole, to pass the tini hole, only by a neutrino. Naturely lower enerty is super. To freeze p or n self whirlpoor in one direction by strong enough magnetic field. and pole the neutrino by strong laser beam structure. After some neutrino to...
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    The lost inertia mass conjecture of the relative effect

    If a vessel is in whirl fluid in very high speed, inside the vessel. the relative inertia mass effect will be appear in some direction. It is to lose some. As the relative effect of the whirl fluid outside vessel. The inertia mass will be to lose some, the conservation of mass will not be...
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    Another both actions

    The action, it is a important fact. As same reason, there are four basic actions. If the different side in action is considered, different, suppose it is with every action. If every action according to both different factor, naturely, four action will mean in this world. That is there are four...
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    No same factor theory inference by

    As natural number N, from N/3 to N, if N is not devide exactly by 3, there are at least one different prime number factor between every both odd number; from N/5 to N, if N is not devide exactly by 5,except for factor 3, there are at least one different prime number factor between every both...
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    What sorry time travel stories by writer Washington Irving in 1820

    The <<Rip Van Wirkle>> is a early time travel stories. It is sorry very. What is right to face? So sorry the time travel stories from 1820 by Washington Irving.
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    How the suggestion to found the time travel award

    To get into time travel, the negative mass structure is reasonable as it is ease to exceed the c. This is a very hard question. The negative mass traveler invention and patent would be awarded. Is it right the ten millions money award. Who can do it ready ? Help please!!!
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    The bathe in a good health space time

    To travel in time. It is a great dream . Sorry as my knowledge is poor in this side, to live in younger time or to younger some years by to travel in time. but, in the way to keep good health and to long life time. I know some. Here it is my draft design about the bathe in a good health space...
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    The semi-dimension time and fraction dimensions

    To begin with, thank a pubil and that puzzle divided by zero. What is the dimension concept? One dimension is a close simple curve or to spred non limit far away in both directions, the universe time dimension only one side to spread straight far away. It is a semi-dimension time, and the...
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    A letter from Hey.LIke

    In this time, there are a good many group to study time-space, it is overjoued with some anxiety as the region is very hard. Similarly, it is goldbach's conjecture[About its right visit the title goldbach's right in math forum here] , evenif it is simple enough, but more than ten thousands...
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    The time space unit structure

    To part away the complexity, all events or progresses are in Relativity reference frame. The time axiom1 as follow: Time is with a physical progress always. perhaps progresses may be more than one. If there is not a physical progress , the time isn't exist. If the time is mean clearnly...
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    The magnetic-time relation experiment area

    The experiment. It is a necessary step to get a truth. In magnetic-time relations. It is like that too. There was a reverse magnetic area near Hami city in xingjiang China(Öйúн®¹þÃÜ»ÆɽÍ_Äø¿ó) In this area, the magnetic direction reverse 180 degree. Naturely, it is useful for magnetic...
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    Relativity reference frame

    In the measurement by the same quantum to compare, same quantum is the base in commonly, every measurement is more than twice progress to get a quantum. The interval in twice progress add some relativity action progress, the nature truly is part away. Relativity reference frame is reference a...
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    Totem the T-S words original patten

    The totem, it was a original pattern of some language. Today, it is far enough with life words. In space and time words to conversation and interchange, the totem should be taken the original pattern position and different with the life language. To use totem words have a conversation with the...
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    To select a good reference frame

    To select a good reference frame to avoid some phys difficulty As the reference frame based in this universe, the universe is secret enough in phys, like first explosion, huge action between mass and so on. To select the reference frame from this universe is to meet some phys difficulty. It...
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    Help Hey.Like please! Let us do something to face a black hole coming

    There is not order in universe mainly, but it is rule enough and structure with system, one of a question is some huge mass and its velocity. What huge energy and force action to form the ruled structure. If the universe mass spray in a direction, the whole universe like a rocket, whether the...
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    Help please, to calculate the universe action force on a electron surface

    There are twice matter in this universe, solid mass and empty universe. It is very interest in phys, the mass, it is equal to energy, so lot energy . The empty, it is action powerful very enough, the heavy sun was held year after year, by some light year distance action. These are very very mean...
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    Catch the neutrino speed exceed light

    Ö÷Ìâ´Ê£ºÊ±¼ä£¬¿Õ¼ä£¬³¬¹âËÙ£¬ÖÐ΢×Ó ABSTRACT This paper concern with neutrino exceeded light speed to come in this world. Its energy transform and its energy explore on the time-space boundary .This paper include a design to catch the neutrino. Ò»£º³¬¹âËÙÖÐ΢×ÓȤ»°...