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    Help electric fields

    im not sure how to do this... An electron, starting from rest, is accelerated by a uniform electric field of 8.8×104 N/C that extends over a distance of 7.0 cm. Find the speed of the electron after it leaves the region of uniform electric field.
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    Find the rate at which its temperature changes

    ive been working on this problem and i have a solution too, but it doenst work. the reason i know that it doesnt work is because we have to submit our answers to a computer system that tells us if our answer is right or wrong. please help? A blackened, solid copper sphere of radius 5.70 cm...
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    What amount of heat should be transferred to the gas

    nope, thats all that is given get. :bugeye:
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    What amount of heat should be transferred to the gas

    we havent gone over this in class and its due for points and i have no idea how to do it... A diatomic gas is confined to a closed container of volume 24.0m3 and pressure 3.03×105 Pa. What amount of heat should be transferred to the gas to increase the pressure by a factor of 6?
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    No clue

    i dont know how to do this...nothing comes to mind. any help will be appreciated! A pressure as low as 4×10-11Pa has been obtained. Suppose a chamber contains helium at this pressure and at temperature 380K. Estimate the collision time (tau) for helium in the chamber. Take the diameter of a...
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    Orbital radius help

    i tried it, but im getting the wrong answer. wat numerical value did u get when u did it?
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    Work and average force

    thats wat i got too, but i know that they're wrong becuase we have to plug our answers into this website. however, the website says the answer is incorrect...
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    KE problem help

    yuuup...sounds right!
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    Fundamental frequence of violin string

    A. 441.5 Hz not sure bout B
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    Block can slide along a table where the coefficient of friction

    A 198g wood block is firmly attached to a very light horizontal spring, as shown in the figure below. The block can slide along a table where the coefficient of friction is 0.287. A force of 23.1 N compresses the spring 17.7 cm. If the spring is released from this position, how far...
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    Work and average force

    A meteor has a speed of 79.8 m/s when 787 km above the Earth. It is falling vertically (ignore air resistance) and strikes a bed of sand in which it is brought to rest in 3.19 m. ~How much work does the sand do to stop the meteor (mass = 556 kg)? ~What is the average force exerted by the sand...
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    Orbital radius help

    im not getting this problem AT ALL: You are an astronaut in the space shuttle pursuing a satellite in need of repair. You find yourself in a circular orbit of the same radius as the satellite, but 30.7 km behind it. How long will it take to reach the satellite if you reduce your orbital...
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    Work and conservation of energy

    okay i applied work and conservation of energy to this problem, but the solution doenst come out right! :mad: Suppose the roller coaster in the figure below passes point A with a speed of 1.76 m/s If the average force of friction is equal to one fifth of its weight, with what speed will...