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  1. Yagami Edo

    Linearising graphs

    Thanks for all the replies, I'm not really aware of the behaviour of V squared as a function of h
  2. Yagami Edo

    IB physics HL

    Currently I am studying IB HL physics, however I am not that great at math and constantly find myself struggling when it comes to the mathematical concepts. Are there anyways i can improve my skills? Thanks.
  3. Yagami Edo

    Linearising graphs

    The plots have distinctly nonlinear characteristics when attempting to linearise by squaring the velocity.
  4. Yagami Edo

    Hey Guys I'm Edo

    I've actually been looking at this forum for quite some time and have just decided to join to perhaps discuss and learn some interesting physics from the rest of you since most of us are enthusiastic about physics (hopefully) Thanks!
  5. Yagami Edo

    Linearising graphs

    Thanks, for this lab we are to find the relationship between the velocity of a trolley moving down a ramp and the height of the ramp.
  6. Yagami Edo

    Linearising graphs

    I'm currently doing a lab on the relationship between height and velocity, however I am unable to linearise the graph. I'm not sure whether it should be root height vs velocity or height vs velocity squared. It would be great if someone could help me, thanks.