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    Levetation? possible or not

    its a rather simple question and would like to hear your thoughts. but i mean like actual levetation, sort of like jedi force but not exactly. i also dont mean like jet pack or giant fans, i basically mean floating with nothing attached
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    Heisenberg imcertainty principle (get it!)

    I dont understand why it is so hard to find the exact position and velocity of orbiting electron. And also, why would we want to know it, if it is always moving? im not trying to disprove it or anything, so dont make fun of me, i am an uneducated peon
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    How do you think the world will end

    simple question, but i know i probably left out a few scientific reasons, so post them! :surprised
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    Will we ever get to the center of the earth?

    ok so heres my theory. i know that the center of the earth is the most dense spot on the planet, ant that is why it is "molten lava" because the particles are moving so fast. So even if we had machines that could withstand the heat, wouldnt we not have a machine powerful enough that is capable...