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    LaTeX Math Equation Christmas Tree and Graph

    I posted this link a couple years ago, but just in case you need to draw a Christmas Tree: There are a lot of interesting variations posted, maybe PF could have our own contest! Here's...
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    B No low-frequency emission from Fast Radio Bursts

    I didn't see where anyone else had brought this up. From the article: The telescopes are the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) and the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), and they were synchronized to observe the same patch of sky, searching that area for fast radio bursts...
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    IPv4 Address.. ... :

    I ran IPCONFIG /ALL and one of the output lines was IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Just curious as to the meaning of (Preferred). I would have guessed a new computer would prefer IP6?
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    How do you create a link to a specific post?

    How do you create a link to a specific post in PF? I want to link to Matterwave's post 25. The best I could come up with is this to the page...
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    Network Cabling Testing (for home)

    I’m having some remodel work done on a couple rooms in my house. They will be adding a new CAT7 run and replacing the old coax (at least 20 years old). Is there any sort of “hack” I can do to test the speed of the new cables? The only thing I can think of is just moving my laptop around...
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    LaTeX Christmas Tree with Latex

    I was looking for something else at Stack Exchange and found a how to draw a Christmas tree with Latex thread. I thought the one by Loop Space was the best!
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    B Lagrange Points

    The Wiki article shows 5 Lagrange points. I can “see” how the points L1, L4 and L5 points would be balanced by the gravitation of the two bodies, but not the L2 and L3. For L2 and L3, it looks to me like the combination of the Sun’s and Earth’s gravity increase pull and make less stable. So...
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    Pluto's and Charon's "twinkle"

    Below is a shot of Pluto and Charon from Hubble in 2006. I was wondering why the vertical and horizontal planes appear brighter in the same direction for both objects? I thought the increased "twinkle" at perpendicular angles was normal effect from objects and didn't have any particular...
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    Star Trek Beyond Trailer

    Scheduled for release on July 22, 2016.
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    Invariant mass of a photon changes - from Wiki

    I'm reading the Wiki article below to say the invariant mass of photons in an expanding volume of space will decrease. I thought invariant mass of a photon was always zero and the energy of photon changed due to the expansion of space. So where did I go wrong? Quote from Wiki General...
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    Geometric Magnetic Pole vs Magnetic North Pole

    The article below is an excerpt from Discover magazine. What I don’t understand is the difference between the geometric magnetic and the magnetic north poles. From the article the North and South magnetic poles dips are not opposite of each other, so how is the geomagnetic pole calculated? Is...