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    H-Bridge help

    So I am wiring up a H-bridge for a small electric motor for a robotics project and am a little confused. This is the only schematic that I can find for this H-bridge. There is a pdf on that site that is...
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    Hda vs hdb vs hd*

    So I got into an argument with a buddy over the following: I originally inserted a hard drive into my system and it was labeled hda, what i hadn't notice was that it was on the master pin setting now when i switched the pin to the slave setting and rebooted it showed it as hdb are the two...
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    Torque Wrenches

    for a laboratory I had to calibrate a torque sensor that was based upon a strain gage. Pricey but highly accurate and easy to use You would input a known voltage and read the output voltage. The voltage would change dependent upon the torque...
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    AC motor Capacitors

    alas sorry for this wasted post but I just got it working through trial and error
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    AC motor Capacitors

    I picked up a good and cheap AC motor that came with its own capacitors <not wired in though> The capacitors are these and this is the diagram on the motor" [Broken] Now I tried putting this together but...
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    Fischer-Tropsch process

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here we go. During the Fischer-Tropsch process to create synthetic oils one of the byproducts is water. Is this water removed from the oil somehow? Also I have been told from some of the engineers that I work with that synthetic oils absorb...
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    Variable Pitch Fans

    I was hoping that someone here would be able to help me understand variable pitch blade systems for fans/turbines and how they work I have already searched the internet quite a bit without much luck There are a few mechanical drawings but they leave a lot to the imagination Any help is...
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    Sound Card Line-In

    I have been reading up using the Line-in on my computers sound card and the pogram XOSCOPE to be able to do some various measurement/analyzing But before I attempt to actually plug anything together i want to make sure I don't wreck my soundcard I have found that some soundcards have the...
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    PSpice software needed

    didn't the use to offer it for free for students? did they change that policy?
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    Composite Design

    thanks for the listings some of them seem like great resources once again thanks for the advice/information
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    Composite Design

    I am not sure if this is exactly the right place but it works either way. I am interested in learning more about Composite Design Techniques mainly fiber based materials (carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, ect...) does anyone here know of any good resources/books that focus predominantly upon this...
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    Must my FTP server's port be 21?

    sure your best way to really thwart most port attacks is to just change the ports to somethign really random are you using an active or passive ftp server? i have never run filezilla as a server i rum proftp on an ubuntu box and once i got it set up i haven't honestly had many problems are...
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    In the Market for a Laptop

    thinkpad i recently (2 months ago) bought an IBM thinkpad and have been incredibly satisfied, the only downfall to thinkpads is that they are more expensive than dells,gateways, ect (no comment on those manufacturers) thinkpads also appear to be one of the most highly supported machines as far...
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    Parabolic Leaf Springs

    Hello I am trying to find more information about parabolic leaf spring designs. I have allready learned linear leaf spring design, and I am curious to know how parabolic differs. (besides higher powers) Thanks
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    Shaft Key Sizing

    For my Design of Machine Elements class this problem is being posed. This is exactly as the problem is stated. The torque on the 400mm -diameter shaft connecting the flywheel with the jaw mechanism should never go above 700kN m. Dimension a copper square tapered key so that the shaft is not...
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    Laptop Help

    i personally enjoy ubuntu (almost everythings works right out of the box) here is a step by step to set up a server it is very detailed here is a good reference/walk through if you use ubuntu...
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    Laptop Help

    well this is all personal opinion but i have never heard anything good from a dell i am not very familiar with the other model though i recently (2 weeks ago) bought a laptop with some of the same ideas for use matlab, pro engineer, ect ... i went with an IBM thinkpad T42 and customized it...
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    Homemade Parachute for Model Rocket

    Ok I am sure the title caught your attention, but it is not for me, it is for my cat, just kidding. It will actually be for a model rocket I am building. I would like to design a ram-air parachute to control a descending rocket (toggles will be attached to either servos or linear actuators and...
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    Port Programming

    I am interested in learning how to control various motors via my linux computer for robotics projects and possible cnc machines it seems that serial ports are the most prevalently used for basic robot control does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? thanks
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    Old Laptop Monitor

    Well I recently just tore apart an old laptop and salvaged the monitor (still good) Now I am pretty sure it is nearly impossible (for me right now) to turn it into a useful desktop monitor but does anyone know of any other cool projects/ideas to do with it? thanks
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    Bearing end play

    be warned i am a senior in mech. engineering and i have been interning for 9 months now doing vibration analysis on rotating machinery so you were warned...student and intern but from what i have picked up most of the rolling element bearings i have seen how up at the following frequencies...
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    Bearing end play

    if you can i suggest taking a vibration reading of the bearing assembly in the axial direction you can then accurately gauge what is failing within the bearing be it a race, cage, or ball itself is it a drive end or off end? direct drive or attached to a sheave of sorts?
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    Solar Panel question

    oh no...i am in wisconsin and we haven't had a sunny day for like 4 months i just measured the voltage this morning and it was at 14volts thanks for all the information -shawn
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    Solar Panel question

    i thought that to charge a battery the voltage potential just had to be higher than the batteries cause this was a solar panel designed to charge car batteries and the like and the battery is getting charged each day... could you help clear up my misunderstanding to what actually is going on...
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    Solar Panel question

    I have a 24Volt solar panel trickle charging a 12volt Battery My question is when the sun goes down and the solar panel isn't producing any power. Does the battery then try power the solar panel? and if so is this bad for the solar panel? --Shawn
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    C programming in UNIX environment

    if you have all the correct packages installed and want to use emacs, vim, pico, nano, or whatever just type emacs yourfilename.c (or cpp for c++) it creates a file of "yourfilename" and opens it with emacs then just code away and save it when you are done then compile it (i think cygwin...
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    Linux exec not running

    just try ./hello or whatever the filename is --shawn
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    Hex head motor shaft

    what the final project is going to be is a R/C cart to drive a high powered rocket to the launch pad (think NASA shuttle crawler but much smaller) its just a fun project for a competition i am looking to keep it as simple as possible, so as to not take too much time away from the actual...
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    Hex head motor shaft

    it is a Denso motor DC 12volt 1.5 amp 160 rpm with a gear casing on it seems to be a worm attached to a helical gear so the motor shaft is perpendicular to the motor casing i picked it up from a science surplus store i feel like its a windshield wiper motor... yeah i thought about using...
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    Hex head motor shaft

    on a smaller electric motor the motor output shaft is cylindrical with a hex head insert i am just directly attaching it to a small tire is there a certain type of drive shaft that anyone could recommend i thought about using an old allen wrench but had nothing to hold the drive shaft into...