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    What is a Saiyan?

    hahaha.. good ole middle school days of DBZ
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    Testing The New SAT

    Don't worry about it too much. I had something in the 1000s (yes, that low) on my PSAT, and I pulled a 1460 on my SAT. I'm confident I could go higher with a retake. The new SAT.. Hmm.. -For writing, maybe write a few practice essays (on suggested topics). -Verbal, don't concentrate on...
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    Inverse of a binomial

    yep. oh, x =\= 0 ..
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    Spank the Monkey

    little trick you invented.. haha 941
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    How do mathematicians and physicists actually work?

    I've always wondered this too.. =) I always thought about working hard to get into a good college/ etc./ etc.. But the thought of doing something never before done is the paramount challenge.
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    Ugly feeling about school

    So precise, so succinct, and so DAMN TRUE. It hits the spot. I'm a senior in hs this year, and I found this out around sophmore/junior year. If you challenge yourself, you will absolutely breeze through whatever course you're struggling with. You have to come to like the subject, and study...
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    Is spanking is an effective way to discipline kids?

    Saying not spanking your kids will turn them into "whiny, feminine adults" is BS. Maybe I'm forced to take offence because I was never really "spanked," but seriously, even if you were joking, how stupid is that? It pisses me off to see people satisfied holding onto erroneous logic.
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    Career help, please?

    Oh never mind.. You already answered.. (Kinda read it wrong the first time) It'll be harder, thanks again.
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    Career help, please?

    Oh, wow, I haven't checked this thread in a while. Luckily, I managed to catch it in my email inbox. Anyhow, thanks for replying. Seriously -- that helped me out a lot! But, sorry to be a hassel, as I have one more question.. Is it possible then to get an undergraduate degree in a...
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    Funny Riddle

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    How do you guys/gals feel about HS algebra-based physics?

    Oh, wow.. If I were in that situation, I'd instantly take it. Our school has the worst physics cirriculum ever. We have it divided into four parts (basics, electricity, optics, mechanics..) each one semester, which all together goes for two years. Each of these are extremely easy and dulled...
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    Career help, please?

    Well, hey! Pretty much, I'm a senior, and it's time to make the decision for careers and colleges. And I'm struggling. I'm having a hard time choosing between aerospace and physics. Advise, please? I don't just want to build rockets.. I don't just want a degree in physics. I guess I just...
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    Real numbers x and y, f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y)+1. If f(1)=2, what is f(3)?

    wow... I feel completely lost. How do I find f(2)?
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    Real numbers x and y, f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y)+1. If f(1)=2, what is f(3)?

    Ok, I'm sure this is an easy problem and all, but it's pissing me off. I'm probably just not understanding it. The function f has the property that for any real numbers x and y, f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y)+1. If f(1)=2, what is f(3)? help.
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    Testing Taking the SAT senior yr?

    Nope, taking it your senior year is fine otherwise. You won't be weighted for being older or anythin.g
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    Cool television commercial

    Har..har.. I've seen this before. The author of the post, from where I first saw this from, did a great job luring people in. Here's the text he used: "This is a car advertisement from Germany. When they finished filming the ad, the people who made it noticed something moving along the side...
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    How did you do on your A-Levels

    I'm with the guy above me here. Here in the US, I always have a slight idea of what my grades will be. I'm never too surprised of the result.
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    Memorization Tactics

    .. Not sure how credible this is, but it's interesting nonetheless: Here
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    Hilarious (short) research essay

    Gave me a good laugh!
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    Can I Vent in Here?

    A better way to put it might be to leave space for questioning/experimenting rather than always take modern physics beliefs for granted?
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    Practical Jokes

    .. "praying to the third God he knew" Hah!! I can't stop laughing! Faith suddenly falls in any God you know when you need help!
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    Last geometry challenge (very difficult)

    I'm probably wrong, but here's my answer: (2R) / (sqrt(2))