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  1. Q_Goest

    What are the best references for neurogenesis?

    Hi all... I'm working on a paper and would like to reference an authoritative article that reviews or presents breakthrough data showing neurogenesis occurs in the human brain (not just animals) and perhaps also the relationship between neurogenesis and plasticity. I found a few articles that...
  2. Q_Goest

    Ion channels enable electrical communication in bacteria

    Here’s an interesting bit of research regarding how bacteria communicate through ion channels. It talks about biofilms which I understand as being thin films of bacteria that colonize the surface of teeth for example: The bacteria then communicate using what sounds like a 2 dimensional EM wave...
  3. Q_Goest

    My new computer has bluetooth issues :(

    I have a new Dell laptop: It came with Windows 8.1 and I put Windows 10 on. Problem I'm having is with the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth doesn't seem to be able to locate things such as my headphones or wireless speaker. I've looked...
  4. Q_Goest

    Are there 2 different biological processes to provide muscle energy?

    I don’t jog much. In the past I’ve only gone up to about 2 miles. At that point it seems like I can’t go much further. I hit this ‘brick wall’ and I don’t have any energy left. I’ve never tried jogging much past about 2 miles. Last week, I went jogging for just over 8 miles though. It was...
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    Finding broken wires underground

    This was pretty amazing. We have an ‘invisible fence’ for the dogs. I installed it myself years ago. It’s just a single strand of wire that wraps around our entire yard that must transmit some kind of signal to the dog’s collar so when they get close to it, the collar starts beeping. If the dog...
  6. Q_Goest

    Teeth growing inside tumors?

    A case just came out regarding a 4 month old infant who had a rare brain tumor (benign) that actually had three teeth growing in it as reported by the New England Journal of Medicine. A good layman's summary of the article can be found here...
  7. Q_Goest

    What benefits do bacteria on your skin provide?

    Wikipedia suggests a typical human has ~ one trillion bacteria on their skin. That’s orders of magnitude more than a cell phone and many many orders of magnitude more than a toilet seat. They typically don't cause disease and may offer benefits. It kind of bothers me that there’s this common...
  8. Q_Goest

    Navier-Stokes from Quantum Mechanics?

    In Victor Stenger's book, "Quantum Gods" he states: Do you agree with the second part of this (part that is in bold)? Why or why not? If yes, how would you suggest deriving those equations? If not, what makes the NS equations underivable. Edit: If you have references that back up your...
  9. Q_Goest

    Are these capacitors blown?

    My daughter's TV won't turn on. Seems like the power panel. I'm not much of an electronics person but after looking around the net it seems capacitors are often to blame. Everything I've seen though shows a bulge in the capacitor with the potential of there being some loss of fluid inside that...
  10. Q_Goest

    Shortcuts to other Forums

    When you're on a thread or forum and want to go to another forum, do you have to go back up to the main page and back down again? For example, say I'm on a thread in the current events forum. There's a series of links across the top that says: Physics Forums > PF Lounge > General Discussion...
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    Electrons inside batteries

    Let's say you have 2 batteries, both 1.5 V. If you put your red voltmeter lead on the + of one battery and your black voltmeter lead on the - of the other battery, and assuming the two batteries are not touching, the voltage you read is zero. I know this is a simple question, but why? Why don't...
  12. Q_Goest

    Throw away your vitamins?

    An interesting article in the Feb. 2013 Scientific American reports that antioxidants used to eliminate free radicals in the body are not only ineffective at promoting health, they are likely to be detrimental! Antioxidants in the form of refined vitamin pills for example, are the focus of the...
  13. Q_Goest

    Can perlite adsorb hydrogen?

    Cryogenic liquid hydrogen tanks are common in industry. These tanks have an inner vessel and an outer vessel. Between the two, the space is sometimes filled with perlite and a vacuum pulled to reduce heat transfer to a minimum to prevent boiling of the liquid hydrogen. This is the same...
  14. Q_Goest

    Why does sugar not grow mold?

    Ok, here's a quick question (or maybe not so quick). I was making coffee this morning and brought supplies in to work, one of which is sugar. The last bag of sugar is almost gone and has been sitting here for quite a few months now, but it's still just as clean and pure as the day I brought it...
  15. Q_Goest

    Perpetual Motion Disease

    Ralf is in a wheel chair now. He’s an old guy, over 80 but still has a strong desire to do things like run his machine shop and invent stuff. His shop only consists of himself and one other guy though he’s not able to work in the shop any longer due to his age and failing health. He’s got this...
  16. Q_Goest

    Impressive harmonic motion demonstration

    The YouTube video here will get you to think a bit. Basically, 15 separate pendulums that create various patterns: I wonder though if you could say how many given patterns are created. Not sure how to describe that.... what do you think?
  17. Q_Goest

    Did you learn CFD in college/university?

    Back in 1988 when I graduated, I can't even remember there being a course in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) let alone taking one. If you're in college/university today or graduated recently, did you take a CFD course? I'm wondering how common it is now. Also, if you took a course in CFD...
  18. Q_Goest

    Purslane anybody?

    I just read an interesting article suggesting eating purslane in salads. I never heard of it before so I looked it up. Here's a few pictures, see if you recognize it...
  19. Q_Goest

    Medical Falling asleep with TV on linked to depression, obesity and other issues

    I was walking down the hallway at work and saw a poster. Someone must have put it up outside their office. It said that falling asleep with the TV on reduces the bodies production of melatonin. So I looked it up and found an interesting article on
  20. Q_Goest

    Medical Alcohol and testosterone levels in men

    Does light drinking (2 glasses per day) in men alter testosterone levels? There seems to be quite a bit of research regarding the affect of alcohol on testosterone but most seems to be focused on heavy drinking which might reduce testosterone levels. On the other hand, light drinking might...
  21. Q_Goest

    Any Meteorologists out there?

    I wonder how meteorologists 'calculate' weather in order to predict weather patterns. I know they use computational models, but after looking around the net, I haven't figured out what equations they use. Do they go with the typical Navier Stokes equations? I'd think meteorology, especially...
  22. Q_Goest

    Ran out of memory? I don't think so

    My daughter's computer has a 280 GB hard drive. I looked at it and it seemed to be using about 29 GB, but she's getting a pop up that says it's low on memory and has less than 0.5 GB left. I went through and deleted some programs she wasn't using. Got it down to about 26 GB so at least the...
  23. Q_Goest

    The Special Signal Problem

    Computationalism has a number of inconsistencies that haven’t logically been refuted. The purpose of this thread is to discuss one of them and see if there’s a way out of the problem and/or to help get perspectives on the problem. That problem I’ll call the “special signal problem”. In the...
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    I have a notification that won't go away. I've acknowledged it (I

    I have a notification that won't go away. I've acknowledged it (I rejected a friend request from someone I don't know) but it still shows up in bold at the top of each page. How do I get rid of if?
  25. Q_Goest

    Medical Brain Influences Itself with Its Own Electric Field

    An article in" states: The original paper can be found" [Broken]. In", they describe a bit about...
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    Are you a dualist?

    Edit: This is to clarify the poll choices. 1. I'm a dualist. 2. I'm not a dualist. 3. I don't understand what dualism is. 4. I don't know if dualism is valid or not. The question is, “Are you a dualist?” By “dualist” I don’t mean to refer to the religious definition of the word...
  27. Q_Goest

    Medical Are psychiatric disorders overdiagnosed?

    There's an interesting editorial in Psychiatric Times that's been reprinted (in part)". I'll repost below for convenience. It...
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    Try this!

    This was pretty cool. I had to draw the cross section of a quad seal (on CAD). It’s basically an O-ring with a cross section that looks like a deformed square with these lobes on the corners. It looks like this: [Broken] But I don’t...
  29. Q_Goest

    Engineers Without Borders - Lehigh Valley, PA

    The" [Broken] (EWB), Lehigh Valley chapter, is hosting a free screening of the film, "Pride of Lions", a documentary film about Sierra Leone and it's people. Screening is Friday, April 30'th at 6 pm at the Lehigh University, Packard Auditorium, Rm 101. See attached...
  30. Q_Goest

    Is that what you call flatline?

    Ok, this is a first. My daughter's computer seems to have s*** the bed, but thought I'd see if anyone had seen this before. The computer has a little light that comes on to tell you the power is on, and the light seems to work just fine. Same color blue it's always been. Lights up as soon as...