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    I'm about to be kicked out of my undergraduate program, hvnt found a easy way to deal

    First of all, I'm asking here for advice since i've seen how the members of this forum answer in a mature manner (I've read some problems like mine in the forum, however, Ive not contributed some). your advice is very much appreciated (please dont mind the different field of study) I've...
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    Programs Is it advisable to take 3rd Bachelors program: BS Mathematics aft double major?

    Chemists/Physicists: Is it advisable to take 3rd Bachelors program: BS Mathematics after first Double Major? Well, my reason is that I ended up hating biotechnology (biochem in particular) and I'd like to see myself doing quantum chemistry (I'm a 5th year student of a Bachelor's program in...
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    Differentiation Problem about a hyperbolic function

    1. Homework Statement How could one apply differentiation formulas on this one: \partial^{2}\left(2sinh(nx)\div\sqrt{sinh(2L)-2L}\right)\div\partial x^{2} 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution is this differentiation formula enough to differentiate: 1...
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    Schroedinger Equation Questions

    Hi! Im having some problems in setting up the Schrodinger equation for a particle described by the wave function: \Psi = A sinh (x) should I use the exponential form of the hyperbolic function?