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    What type of map can i project onto a sphere to eliminate distortion

    This is not actual "homework." I am building a POV globe and I want to get as accurate of a projection as possible. The images I will upload into the globe will be a simple 2 dimensional image projected onto a 3 dimensional plane. I have researched and it appears that a Mercator type map is the...
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    How much space mining would begin to affect earth

    Just curious but: Suppose that in the future we begin mining asteroids and other rocky objects in the asteroid belt for resources. #1 how much material would we be able to bring back to earth before we start noticing increased gravitational effects (especially considering that recovered...
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    A few questions about Relativity, Light, and Physics that dont seem to make any sense

    This isn't homework. I just read another person's post and it jogged my head into having questions, so this is just for my curiosity. Question 1: Aside from the practical problem of finding a fuel source that travels the speed of light or faster... Why is this a fundamental rule? I really do...